Can I get stuck in lucid dreams? the FAQ didnt answered it

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Can I get stuck in lucid dreams? the FAQ didnt answered it

Postby lightleggy » 15 Feb 2012 06:34

I know theres a FAQ about this, but the answer didnt actually helped me, or it did but another FAQ confused me.
one of my biggest fears about lucid dreaming is to become stuck in the dream...I think its the only reason why I havent tried it.
Now I know that eventually REM ends, and that it only lasts for like 1 and 2 hours, I also know that apparently most LDs have trouble REMAINING IN THE DREAM.
but as I was googling I found a guy saying there were reports of people saying their LD lasted years for them, ofc not real years, but in their minds it lasted years. this TERRIFIES me.
I know that in reality you are asleep only for like 8 hours or so...but my question is...what if something like what happened to Saito in inception happened to me? I mean getting stucked in "limbo" (I know theres no such thing in LD but you get what im saying)
in the film saito "died" in the 3rd layer of the dream so his mind goes to "limbo" where time flows extremely slow. even though saito's body was just in limbo for less than 10 seconds, for him, in his mind, he was there a lifetime, and cobb didnt rescued him until he was extremely old.

that is my fear, being stuck in a dream "for years" even if they are not actually that long. and the questions in FAQ didnt quite answered me, so can anyone help?

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Re: Can I get stuck in lucid dreams? the FAQ didnt answered

Postby Rebecca » 15 Feb 2012 07:45

I do get your concern - but I don't think it's rational. I mean that in a very positive way! I just don't think it's going to happen. Having chatted with thousands of lucid dreamers now, I've had only two say "I lucid dreamed for a week / a year". I draw two conclusions from this:

1. Statistically, it's irrational for you to fear this scenario. How many people claim to get stuck in a lucid dream for years? How many people claim to get stuck in regular dreams for years? Why are you worried about one and not the other? To fear this scenario, it's like worrying that an asteroid is going to strike you on the head and kill you, so you don't go out the house. Equally, an asteroid could land on your house. There's nothing you can do about it, even if it does happen (which is extremely unlikely).

2. Of the two people who made this claim, they didn't speak negatively of the experience. In fact, they were kind of proud of it. And like you, I sense it's just an elaborate dream-time distortion. (Nothing on the scale of Inception which, remember, was exaggerated for effect. It was a science fiction movie not based on reality, so we really can't draw any real life conclusions from it.)

Personally, I don't relate to "being stuck in a lucid dream for a lifetime" and I don't believe I ever will. I've lucid dreamed of a lifetime, sure, and it felt like it lasted ages in hindsight. But at no point did I feel stuck in the dream, or like I was going crazy, or that I would be trapped for years to come.

I would love to probe these claims further, but so far no-one has been able to properly explain it to me. Just because you dreamed you lived an entire life, does not mean you literally did, minute-for-minute, in your perception of the dream. I'm sorry this has created fear for you, because I do believe it's largely a myth. I welcome anyone who wants to share their personal experiences but as yet, the anecdotes and their explanations do seem very thin on the ground.
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Re: Can I get stuck in lucid dreams? the FAQ didnt answered

Postby Snaggle » 15 Feb 2012 13:02

Lightleggy forget inception altogether. Time is Lucid dreams is about the same as real time. One is almost certainly not going to have a Narnia experience where one lives a lifetime and then find out that one's lifetime was only a few hours. About the only lucid dreams that one can't wake up from at will: are extremely emotionally intense dreams; the sleep paralysis dream and False awakenings, the latter two because one is deluded into thinking one is already awake. False awakenings usually last under half an hour, though they can be stacked back to back and one will question whether or not one is in another one when one has really awakened. Most lucid dreamers don't seem to be able to stay in their dreams for long, if you have not spontaneous lucid dreams you likely can't do WILDs and will only be doing DILD which almost always are fairly short-even less than your hour or two. To the decree there is any time distortion it's not in DILD.

WILD-wake induced/initiated lucid dream.
DILD- dream induced/initiated lucid dream.
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Re: Can I get stuck in lucid dreams? the FAQ didnt answered

Postby lightleggy » 15 Feb 2012 18:22

well thanks guys, you really helped! ;) guess im gonna try it then, sounds fun

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Re: Can I get stuck in lucid dreams? the FAQ didnt answered

Postby dreamerinmiami » 11 Nov 2012 02:47

Good question. I thought about this too. it doesn't scare me though. I feel that it would most likely be fun and insightful. also knowing that I will eventually wake up in the morning helps ;)
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