Using a "dream car" to enter and maintain a lucid dream

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Using a "dream car" to enter and maintain a lucid dream

Postby 12padams » 19 Feb 2012 13:18

Here is a technique which I accidentally created and used to enter as well as maintain a lucid dream. The idea is that you enter a dream by imagining being in a car, drive to the location you wish to be within your dream and then stick by the car when you feel yourself being ejected from the dream. I recommend using wake back to bed with this technique.

12padams Dream Car Technique:

1.   Go to sleep with the intention of awakening without moving.
2.   Wake without moving or opening your eyes.
3.   Imagine you're looking at the dashboard of a car
4.   If you begin to see the car dashboard try to see trees and buildings moving past outside the car windows.
5.   Imagine the car turning corners and feel your body turn with the car
6.   Touch the steering wheel once you feel your body sitting on the seat.
7.   Drive past the random trees and buildings by knowing that just around the corner you will arrive at the destination you wish.
8.   Before getting out of the car perform deepening and maintaining techniques.
9.   When you feel ready open the door and explore your chosen location.
10.  If you feel the lucid dream fading away run back to the car using it as an anchor to pull you back into the dream.
11.  When you re-enter the dream you will be in the same location as when you left (sitting in the car within your chosen area)

To help you fully understand the technique it's best that you see it in practice with a real log from my lucid dreaming book which I have posted on my blog. Please note that when you read the word "phase" or "enter the phase" I am simply referring to the lucid dreaming brain state/world of the dream. When I lucid dream I usually have a specific goal which I plan before I go to sleep. My goal in this lucid dream was to walk through my bedroom door and get to to take me to my school library(in other words teleportation) however since I was in a car this became a difficult task which is something that should be considered if you use this technique.

My lucid dreaming entry associated with this technique can be found at this direct link:

If you wish to see what other stuff I've done in my journey from day 1 check out my massive day by day free ebook which lists all my experiences. It can be found here:

If you try out this technique or have any questions post your results here and I'll try help you out :)
I have posted this technique on other websites however I want to see results from a variety of different people.

Good luck everyone!!!
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Re: Using a "dream car" to enter and maintain a lucid dream

Postby KylePK » 23 Feb 2012 02:04

I may have a go at this one...
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