The feeling of water within lucid dreams?

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The feeling of water within lucid dreams?

Postby 12padams » 22 Feb 2012 11:11

I have found out something interesting about the relation to water temperature and movement within a lucid dream. Below is a quote from day 109 of my free eBook full of all my experiences from day 1:

"Noticing that the bath tub was full of water I thought it would be the perfect chance to test out water physics within the dream world. While fully dressed I stepped into the bath and stood up in the knee deep water. Luckily I was wearing shorts so my clothing did not interfere with the feeling of the water.

While standing still I noticed that the water had a perfect warm temperature. The second I began walking around in the bath I discovered that the water temperature around my legs dramatically dropped and became unbearably cold. As soon as I stopped moving however the temperature of the water returned to a comfortable level."

-you can keep reading what happened before this event and after at this link:

Anyone tested out water temperature within the dream world before?

I posted that same question on after my experience with water. Here are some of the comments I got:

"That's interesting. In my dreams, the water is almost always too cold. I have had an odd experience with the sound being out of synch. On a beach, tiny waves were lapping at the shore, but what I heard was this slow gravelly buildup to a loud crash."

"I never really experience coldness in the water of my dreams. Even when I fall through ice while skating (happens quite a lot in my dreams) there's no serious coldness involved."

"water has always been a very pleasant experience for me in LD's...especially when moving/swimming in it. Doesn't have the "substance" that water does IRL...more like a fluid force that has buoyancy and density enough to propel through with swimming motion. And, of course...can breath in it"

"I don't really feel water temperature like when I was walking on water in one it just felt the same temp as my feet"

As you can see the results have been quite varied... But I want to know what you think about water temperature in lucid dreams. Has it been similar to my own experience where it varies based on movement or has it been like others where they either don't feel the temperature or it's ultra cold?

P.S. If you wanna check out other things I've done feel free to download my free eBook from here:
-Be sure to Check the reference section at the back of the book to find parts your actually interested in rather than reading through my entire journey :)
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Re: The feeling of water within lucid dreams?

Postby houseofleaves » 02 Mar 2012 09:01

That IS really interesting. While I've never experienced a large body of water in a LD yet, it made me immediately think of a lucid dream I had in which it was raining outside. Thinking back on it, when I tried to sprint through the rain, it would be absolutely freezing, to the point where it seemed like it burned me because it was so cold, but slowing to a walk or standing still eliminated the discomfort. It wasn't so much that the water was "warm" when I stopped, but more that I just didn't notice the discomfort/pain of the cold.

A question of mine is: In your dreams, does moving more quickly through water have an effect on how cold the water feels?
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Re: The feeling of water within lucid dreams?

Postby lucidinthe sky » 03 Mar 2012 07:36

I just had a lucid dream where I was floating face down in a swimming pool. The water was the perfect temperature, neither cold nor warm. I was aware that it did have a temperature and everything about the water was perfectly real except I could breath under water.
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Re: The feeling of water within lucid dreams?

Postby Snaggle » 03 Mar 2012 15:05

I swim into and under water all the time. The water is always perfect and there's no thermal shock when one enters it, so even if a normal dream one has a perfect reality test.
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