Movement in dreams

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Movement in dreams

Postby wilko505 » 25 Feb 2012 23:49

Hello, around 2 or 3 years ago I realised every time I dreamt, my teeth would fall out and the brakes in my car wouldn't work. This lead to me becoming aware of my dreams and eventually being able to exercise control. I cannot wish anything in my dream to occur, I need to believe that is there. For example, I may want an Aston Martin, but for it to appear I can reach into my pocket knowing that there will be a key in there for the Vanquish that I know is behind me. Once I worked out this is how to control it I have more or less full control over my dreams. If I want to dream about something else, I can walk through a door knowing what I want to dream about is it on the other side. I can talk to people and they respond how I want because I know they will (also my teeth and brakes are fine every night after working this out). The one thing I cannot control is my physical abilities. While they are mildly enhanced from real life, slightly faster, slightly stronger, enough to fight off a vampire or two, I can't make them infinite. What my question is while I can run faster in a dream than in real life, I am not a match for Usain Bolt on two feet, however when I start running in a dream, after a second or so I instinctively begin running on all 4s moving very fast. This is the only way I can jump from one building to another over the road or escape the various demons that haunt my dreams. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this kind of instinctual over ride in various aspects of dreams, or had any theories about why this happens? Cheers

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Re: Movement in dreams

Postby Peter » 26 Feb 2012 01:32

I wonder if you are letting go some of the control and losing a little of the lucidy as the emotions rise when you get frustrated at your efforts, try being a little detached from the goal and then will or intend yourself for more speed or what you want.
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