Lucid Dream within a Lucid Dream

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Jack Reacher
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Lucid Dream within a Lucid Dream

Postby Jack Reacher » 09 Mar 2012 05:36

Sorry if this has been brought up before, I expect it has, but is it possible in principle to basically copy Inception and somehow induce a second lucid dream inside your first dream?

I have done something similar, I had a normal dream where I was at a party and decided to take a nap in some random room, and I had a lucid dream in that nap. Then I woke up from the lucid dream inside the first dream where I took the nap, and carried on like normal.

So would it be possible to intentionally do this while lucid dreaming? Im thinking maybe you could somehow summon an anesthetic needle while in the dream and put yourself to sleep that way, afterall you can do the same with drugs in normal dreams.

If you did it like 1000 times, well you are pretty much immortal until you wake up, provided the time lapse thing actually keeps going within each dream.
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Re: Lucid Dream within a Lucid Dream

Postby LuridLassitude » 09 Mar 2012 20:38

I am not sure if this is of any help, but I remember going to sleep in a dream, at some point. I'm pretty sure it didn't have any effect on the dream at all, I just woke up from "both" of the dreams at the same time, without going back to the first at all. I found it quite intriguing at the time, since it isn't just everyday you go to bed in your dream, I can't help but to wonder what my dream was trying to tell me?

I don't know if it's any different when we're talking about lucid dreams. I imagine it's the same, though. Why? When you're having an FA, it's practically the same as waking up from the dream, but into another dream, right? So if you could fall asleep multiple times in your dream, to get more "levels" of lucid dreams, then you would just have entered a negative level from waking up. Especially if you get several FAs.

I hope that makes any sense to you. :P

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Re: Lucid Dream within a Lucid Dream

Postby Peter » 11 Mar 2012 08:41

sometimes I am so tired I think it be nice to go to sleep in a LD and get a good rest
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Re: Lucid Dream within a Lucid Dream

Postby Ryan » 19 Mar 2012 01:34

I've read a lot over the years of people talking about having a dream with in a dream...

It's all interpretation and perception really.

To me, you're either consciously aware in the non-physical (lucid / astral awareness) or your not (dream awareness). To me there is no such thing as a dream within a dream, since it's all just you having a dream awareness in the non-physical while shifting between different dream imagery.

Likewise, a lucid dream within a lucid dream would simply be you shifting between different imagery. I've found no such layers in this manner in my travels of the non-physical.

Could you create the perception of an Inception-type "leveled" dream? Sure. Does it prove the point? Nope.

Someone from the Astral Pulse made a really good analogy for our conscious awareness in the nonphysical:

-Dreaming is like being an actor who doesn't know he's in a play.
-Lucid Dreaming is like being an actor who knows he's in a play.
-Astral Projection is like being an actor who leaves the stage.

You can't dream within a dream (or lucid dream) with this level. :)
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