how i discovered LD

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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how i discovered LD

Postby DreamSailing » 11 Mar 2012 01:15

hi i'm new i just wanted to share a lucid dream or two, i had never heard of lucid dreaming until my early teens, i forget how old i was though and i didn't keep a dream journal then. i liked dreams, but i just didn't pay any attention to them until that one very short dream

in the dream i was sitting at the kitchen table, i had something in my hands or on the table in front of me but i forget what it was. my dad came through the kitchen and just took whatever it was (i think it may have been a banana for some reason) and continued to walk out into the garage. he didn't say anything, he just took it and walked away, so i thought to myself "huh, thats strange" and thats when i realized it was a dream. someone isn't just going to take something without either asking or saying something so thats what triggered my lucidity for the first time. i remember going out into the garage and getting it back, even though i was lucid and realized it was a dream, i don't remember getting very excited about it so maybe i was only lucid a little bit but it was enough. after that i had my mom take me to Barnes and Nobel to get some books on dreams and lucid dreaming, i called it dream control at the time because i hadn't even heard the term before.

using the techniques of frequent reality checks and not much else i managed a lucid dream here and there and was really excited about it. then after a while my lucid dreaming was an on and off thing, until a few nights ago.

i won't tell the entire dream but i will give the main details. it was the most beautiful dream i ever had. the first part when i first became lucid i went out into the back yard and flew over the fence into the next yard (i can fly, just not that well) and instead of the neighbors yard, it was nothing but sky! there was no ground, just endless blue sky with wispy clouds. i dove into it and found myself in my own pool in my own yard again, and there were other random people in the pool as well. i got out and flew over the fence again and again saw the endless sky, and i dove back down again and ended up in the pool again. i have always wanted to see a place like that, maybe once i learn to control my dreams i will go there again, only this time successfully staying there.

then another part of the dream (still lucid) i walked out into the front yard on my driveway, but i was getting very sleepy, this is something that happens a lot while i try to stay lucid i can't keep my eyes open. i could see though it was snowing lightly and there was some snow, i love snow in dreams its not freezing like in real life, its just cool a bit. i closed my eyes but i kept walking, a scene started to form of a narrow mountain path along the sea in the evening. to the right was the side of the mountain and the left was the sea. at first it was dim and fuzzy but then it got more vivid. i have always wanted to see the ocean in person but never have, i should have been more excited than i was but i guess my lucidity at that time was a little low. still though i was lucid, and it was amazing and so beautiful! as i walked along the mountain path however i soon ended up in my own room.

the other part i went back out in the front yard as before, but it looked very different. it was a bright sunny day but it was lightly snowing and it was summer! there were multicolored flowers everywhere and it looked beautiful. the fact it was snowing during the summertime just blew me away! i saw people walking around in different colored kimonos or furisodes. it looked so beautiful and perfect i didn't ever want to wake up, but i did.

then i read about the things you can do if you have control over your dream and i am mind blown. this must have just been a taste of what i could experience. i have read about other people's experiences and i find that i still need to practice and gain more skill before i can experience a lucid dream as amazing as those, and yet the lucid dream i just shared above was amazing too. i have a few questions though

when i was outside that last time i tried to talk to the people but they ignored me. this happens a lot in my dreams, if they do answer they give me answers that just don't make sense to the question at all why is this? they mostly don't answer at all or just stare at me blankly.
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