What is sleep paralysis?

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Emily Tweedt
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What is sleep paralysis?

Postby Emily Tweedt » 11 Mar 2012 20:02

I haven't had SP yet but I notice a lot of people talking about it and I'm wondering what it is exactly?
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Re: What is sleep paralysis?

Postby AHM » 11 Mar 2012 22:55

REM atonia (Sleep Paralysis) is a mechanism which prevents people from acting out their dreams. When the body enters SP the connection between the mind and body is disconnected and prevents the person asleep from moving their muscles by mistake and waking himself up. Your body enters REM atonia every time you sleep but you don't notice it because both your body and mind are asleep. However, it is possible for the mind to be awake but the body asleep which causes the person to notice the SP. This is used in techniques such as WILD. Most people express the feeling of SP as having a lead blanket on yourself which prevents movement. SP is usually accompanied by sensations and hallucinations which may be visual, auditory etc.
These may be positive or negative and depends on the person and how he reacts to this. For some people they're fun and entertaining moments and for others they may be moments of fright.

All in all, SP is completely normal and happens each time you sleep and if it wasn't for REM atonia, we would not be able to get a good night's sleep.

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Re: What is sleep paralysis?

Postby Littlelucid » 13 Mar 2012 05:28

SP is a state when your body goes to sleep but your mind stays awake. It can feel like your being held to the bed and it can also feel like being covered in cement. You might start to vibrate and your heartrate might increase the first few times because your body isn't used to being awake during this process. Hearing noises, such as whispers, sighs, and whooshing is all common while In This state. Also seeing bright lights and seeing hallucinations is also common. You might also feel like you are going to float into the air or being light. These are all contributed with SP.

Btw, love your Username! My name is Emily. :D

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