Lucid nightmares

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Lucid nightmares

Postby Wendy » 12 Mar 2012 06:14

Wow where do I start? For the last 2 nights I have experienced frightening nightmares. I am exremely lucid and this is very new and unusual. I was unaware that at some point I may be able to control this state of sleep. Fought hard to awaken and felt stuck in the middle of the scenario with no escape. At some point my dogs must have sensed my discomfort as they started to whine and nudge at my hands. ( never happened before). At the point where I felt myself to be awake and in control the fear continued and I felt paralyzed with uncertainty. I am hoping this forum has some answers for me. If control is the answer I'm all for learning.

Thanx for listening. :) :) :)

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Re: Lucid nightmares

Postby lucidinthe sky » 12 Mar 2012 17:46

I had a nightmare recently where I couldn't get lucid despite doing 5 or more reality checks that have worked every time so far. My conclusion was that I didn't allow myself to get lucid because the iissues in the dreams were something I needed to deal with in it's unaltered state.

I've read one of Laberge's books and he says that the early REM cycles in specific have a lot of dreams where problems are being resolved and these are unlikely to be made lucid. It makes sense that we would be locked out of some of these conflict resolution type dreams. Maybe that's why you couldn't get lucid.
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Re: Lucid nightmares

Postby Bleekman117 » 12 Mar 2012 20:36

Here are my thoughts. Lucid dreams can sometimes be used to overcome fears if you wish. Next time this happens and you are lucid, try facing the fear in the dream and asking it directly what it signifies. This may end the nightmare altogether and also teach you about yourself. Post a reply if you are able to do this. I would love to hear about what happens and if it works.
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