New, but not. :]

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New, but not. :]

Postby KidIcarus » 14 Mar 2012 00:56

Until recently when my girlfriend asked me if i'd had any dreams, and i told her,
she told me it sounded like 'Lucid Dreaming'.
To me, this has been the norm since the age of around 5/6.
I've always known it was a dream, could control, stop bad things happening,
and turn a nightmare into something good.
I thought this was normal, and everyone had the same 'ability'.
So i've decided to look into it further.

How my dreams normally go is,
My dreams switch between first and third person, but this is dependent on what is happening at the time.
I have full, conscious control of what happens, when, and to whom.
When i 'construct' buildings or alter landscapes, and or make things happen,
it goes into third person and pans out, otherwise, it stays in first.

Hope everyone is ok! :D

Take care,

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Re: New, but not. :]

Postby RosenVitae » 16 Mar 2012 12:59

We all have gifts :) Yours just seem to be floating several miles above the mountain that we're climbing here. Even so, this website could be an ideal place for you to read articles on how to use LDs to their full potential; learning what dreams are really trying to tell you and gain more insight to yourself.

As you're a natural, I'm really wondering if you're able to tell us things (perhaps ask your subc. mind during a dream) that could help the users here become better at attaining lucidity?

Do you ever experience dreams where you are not in control?
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