My first lucid dream.

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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My first lucid dream.

Postby Christopaz » 15 Mar 2012 11:15

Taken in my first journal entry, but more details..
I just learned this site about a day ago so yeah :D 2nd day

Before the Dream

I set the alarm clock on my cellphone to 2:30, will modify my bioclock to early sleeps.
When the alarm woke me up, get out of the bed, then Watch some tv for 20 minutes.

To the dream itself

It took me awhile to sleep, I used MILD, saying to myself I will lucid dream, then I started to doze off to sleep. The first scene was a bedroom, all blurry.... Hmmm, It was quite fishy, the pain is mostly the same but It is like a different house and like morning. I was in sleep paralysis also.

When I was in paralysis, I saw a man in the door, then It disappeared quickly.. strange.

It wasnt a false awakening(because I didn't remember it) so I realized... It's a dream!

Everything went clearer then clearer, I tried to get out of the body by trying to imagine to float up, but when I was thinking, I easily got out. Then after that I only get to explore the 2nd floor(since my bedroom is in a 2nd floor) then a ninja appeared, which keeps "teleporting" so I chased it, but suddenly the scene changed. I realized I'm not fully lucid anymore, I'm semi-lucid ;( I forgot all the things to keep me fully lucid by then. I can fly during dreams as a kid, so I used it and this caused me to appear in the news(in the dream of course, which caused people to be scared) then I don't know why but I landed on a spot where a man is and he asked me a question, I don't remember since It started to get non-lucid.

Then the scene changed into my cousin's house(father's side) I was inside the tv room and went outside, I saw my mother's side cousins and one of my cousins had a DS, I looked at it, then I forgot what happened... It's all about the DS anyway. thats All I know.

So the question is, What caused me to go non lucid? can you give me the link?
The link has a bullet term like:

~you will have a lucid dream
~you will have a semi-lucid dream, which will go to non-lucid dream.

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Re: My first lucid dream.

Postby DeltaV » 26 Mar 2012 18:56

I guess that after some time in the dream, you forget that you are lucid, and thus your lucidity slowly vanishes. Try to occasionally rub your hands in a lucid dream to stay lucid.
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