I dont know...

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I dont know...

Postby Axalto » 17 Mar 2012 09:53

I would like to share this latest page from my dream diary.
March 17 9:28 After already waking up multiple times
I am standing at a bus station, one I don't remember ever standing at. The next bus will only go after quite some time so I lie down. When I a bit later try to open my eyes in the dream, I can't or only for a very short time. In one of those short times I can open my eyes I see a person I don't recognize but for some reason I really hate him. I then have a discussion with him about who has the best life. (still eyes closed) In the middle of the discussion I wake up.
The feel of the dream was warm and comfortable even though it was night in the dream and I wasn't wearing the right clothes for it and what I remember until I closed my eyes was quite vivid. I had the voice of Timmy Turner's dad during the discussion and the entire discussion had the feel of "well I happen to have met this one important guy and you didn't therefore I am better".
I have the strong feeling something happened before it but that I forgot it. Still, this is exiting for me because I don't usually remember dreams.

I am not really a person who seeks meaning behind dreams but I think this convinces me. Recently I've started an internship at a company and the shift from short school times and full-time working was getting used to.
I take the public transit from home to work and back and the bus only goes once an hour.
I also was disappointed at work at how much I didn't like the assignment I got and I am already questioning a while if I should continue studying programming or if I should switch to game design.
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