Was this a lucid dream?

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Was this a lucid dream?

Postby Ivanna » 18 Mar 2012 00:43

Ok so I had this dream the other day and I still can't figure out whether or not I was lucid I thought I'd ask on here. I have to admit my dream recall is a little foggy at the moment but I will try to remember it the best I can. It went something like this;
The setting was Hogwarts (or something along those lines) and I was in Dumbledore's office and he orders me to play the piano...So I'm like "I can't play the piano!" and then suddenly I thought that maybe I could if this was a dream so I sort of remember sitting down behind this electric keyboard thing and I began to play "The portrait" from the Titanic soundtrack! But I remember feeling the keys under my fingers as if I was really touching them and everything felt really realistic. And even though I was just pressing random keys it still sounded exactly like the song I was trying to play. Anyway, I finish and I remember thinking that I'd like to try the guitar so I walk over to this trunk in the room and coincidently there are loads of electric guitars in there. But I really wanted an acoustic, and them BAM! i spot one in the corner and I start to play it (I can't play guitar in real life either). After all that I remember looking out the window and below there was this hotel swimming pool with loads of people sunbathing which didn't make any sense because we were still at hogwarts. So I say to myself, if this really was a dream I'd be able to jump out of that window and fly. And I remember feeling really nervous like I wasn't 100% sure I was dreaming or not. So regardless, I jump out of this window and glide a little and then I start plummeting to earth and I wake up before I hit the ground.
Yeah. That was pretty much it. All I want to know is if I was truly lucid or not. It was sort of as though my lucidity was fading in and out a little bit through out the course of it. But one thing that stumped me was that when I first thought that it could be a dream, I don't remember getting really excited like I have done on previous occasions (when I say previous occasions, I mean like the 1 or 2 times before that I think I may have become lucid). Was I semi-lucid?? Please let me know what you think :)
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Re: Was this a lucid dream?

Postby Peter » 18 Mar 2012 02:14

suspect you were on the edge of lucid as you were questioning the dream and made some effort to test with the flying. So close and from here the leaps to lucid should come quickly
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