'Ello =D (Introduction and Question)

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'Ello =D (Introduction and Question)

Postby Sabrina » 19 May 2011 03:26

Just thought I should introduce myself. I'm Sabrina. I'm 14 years old, and became interested in lucid dreaming a few months ago. Nice to meet you all. :D Well, um, before I ask my question, I think I'll give a little background info on my lucid dream experiences.

The first time I tried the WBTB method was after maybe a week into my interest of lucid dreaming. I woke up, brushed some sand off my bed, and my brother walked in the room. I thought it was weird that I brushed sand off my bed, so I realized I was dreaming. But it was a very eerie experience, everything was so vivid! I panicked and I tried (and successfully) woke myself up. After that, I regretted doing so, and knew that next time, I wouldn't be so frightened.

I have probably had maybe 6 or 7 DILDs, but whenever I become lucid, I would be quite calm, and try to move, or fly, or ask for a lucid character. But within 10 seconds I wake up. Every time! Is it because I need to set a more clear, exact intention, or is it because of some other reason? If it is to make a more clear intention, what kind of intention would you recommend for someone just starting out? Is it best to just look around at the surroundings? Or jump up and down? Or...? :? haha I'm sorry if this is somewhere in the site, but I've looked around in it a bit and couldn't find anything. I'm sorry if I was blind to this section (if there was a section on this)! :oops:

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Re: 'Ello =D (Introduction and Question)

Postby Jonathan » 19 May 2011 04:38

Hey Sabrina! Welcome to the forum.

If I were you, I would just begin to focus on staying lucid. You're doing a good job of realizing you're lucid, but you're just waking up too quickly. Instead of trying to fly or something like that, for now just focus on staying in the dream.

Here are some tips: http://www.world-of-lucid-dreaming.com/how-to-stay-lucid.html

Have you tried these things?

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Re: 'Ello =D (Introduction and Question)

Postby Seto_Blade » 24 May 2011 20:39

I agree with Jonathan, you should just concentrate on staying in the dream for now. And actually, you'll be quite surprised with how much their is to offer in a LD even before you've set an intention. Just try to follow your dream; the characters, the environments, but keep your concentration on the awareness of the dream. Try not to lose sight of it (It's very difficult at first, but you'll assuredly get better). Soon enough, and sure enough your LDing efforts will improve and you'll be truly ready to follow goals you've set out for yourself..

Good luck, Sabrina.

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