I need serious help....3 years later now

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eric james
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I need serious help....3 years later now

Postby eric james » 19 Mar 2012 13:22

i have stumbled upon this site in hopes of finding out what my problem is, if im skitszo, if this is normal, if its a form of meditation if its lucid dreaming or what. anyways,
here is an example::
I lay in bed, I am tired. While shutting my eyes, it goes from dark to a "dreaming " state it feels. my surroundings appear exactly how they were when i laid down as if i had just opened my eyes again.( laying on bed, same surrounding with same desk around me even wearing the same clothes, as if i woke up or opened my eyes) and as i relax/meditate/mind awake but body completely asleep, i am in a "2nd dimension or life" or maybe even my subconscious? while in this state, i am completely aware in the back of my mind that i am just laying down or sitting or resting wherever and that all i have to do is open my eyes or wake myself up and i will wake up. the only difference is, after the years ive learned how to control what i see and imagine, basically, once i go into that state, i can imagine me walking out the door and i get up and walk out the door, if i want to see a mountain and hike up it, i will walk out the door to a mountain and start hiking, if i want to see whoever, i can go see them and i teleport very very fast, if i want to solve food or if im hungry, i imagine im full and it goes away, not only am i here on earth resting on bed, i am dreaming, i am controlling what i see and feel and when i decide to wake myself up or come back to reality, i am fully rested as if i have just fell asleep. this can go on for hours if well controlled. but sometimes, it gets to intense, sometimes i lose track of my focus and i "open" my eyes in my dream or whatever it is, (my eyes are open in my state it just has the feeling of opening them) and as soon as i get that feeling, i snap out and feel like i have jumped back into my body and i jolt open my eyes and everything is back to normal. if you can find what this is please tell me. maybe i found a way to play with r.e.m? or am i leaving as energy or spirit? or is this subconscious? or meditating? im not parylized at all. i have seen the number "101 1001 111 1111" every day, every hour now since i can remember, i see events before they happen and i can sense when something isnt right or even if someone is lying to me. i have looked endlessly for about 2-3 years now trying to find some answers and i dont know if this has to do with each other but if you look up the significance in the binary numbers, it freaks me out. haha anyways, if anyone knows. please let me know whats going on, thank you

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Re: I need serious help....3 years later now

Postby Axalto » 19 Mar 2012 13:31

Sounds to me like you're having W.I.L.D. O.B.E.s
Instead of going to a dream world your mind uses the last environment it has seen. (your room)
You can read more about it on the main website.
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lucidinthe sky
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Re: I need serious help....3 years later now

Postby lucidinthe sky » 21 Mar 2012 22:20

This state you are describing sounds a lot like lucid dreaming to me.

eric james wrote:i have seen the number "101 1001 111 1111" every day, every hour now since i can remember, i

There is a theory currently in Physics that the universe is made of information, which at the most basic level would have to be a 2 state system, since that would be the minimum number of states that could differentiate one thing from another. It's possible that you are seeing this. I had a lucid dream where I saw what appeared to be representations of this universal information, and I believe others have seen it to.
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Re: I need serious help....3 years later now

Postby torakrubik » 21 May 2012 22:18

If you are concerned, go and see a doctor. My opinion is you just have extreme hypnogogia
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