The Best Reality Checks

Discuss lucid dreaming techniques including dream recall, MILD, WILD, meditation and other ways of attaining lucidity in dreams.
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The Best Reality Checks

Postby Nocturnal » 19 May 2011 06:47

What do you think is the best RC? I know that breathing through your nose while you pinch it shut works the best for most people.

Others include...

Awesome Page --> (

Some that I use...

Finger Count, Mole Check (still seeing if this works), mirror check, word/clock check.

Also, I have heard that testing gravity works. I often pen-spin. Do you think this could act as a RC?

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Re: The Best Reality Checks

Postby Dreamgal » 29 May 2011 00:30

I have been doing a breathing reality check and asking myself: what day it is? How did I get here? I cant say if they work yet though I am still trying to have my first lucid dream. But is it better to try lots of different reality checks each day or to stick with the same routine so it's more of a habit?

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Re: The Best Reality Checks

Postby Dreamsphere » 29 May 2011 04:42

I go habitual, order mat change a bit, though. I examine my watch to see if time is constant, try to push fingers through palm, plug nose and breath, pinch my arm, examine my hands, and if there is writting around, look away and see if it changes. I do all of these as often as i rememvbeer each day, and all at once.
I am an Engineering student, and have yet to experience a lucid dream. Currently on break, I am hoping to try and master the technique as it will give me some peace during the busy school year. Any advice or links are appreciated. Feel free to pm me.

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Re: The Best Reality Checks

Postby Jonathan » 01 Jun 2011 04:18

My reality checks is usually just to try flying or move something without touching it. I'm a bit odd, though. I usually go lucid in a dream without doing any sort of reality check. Suddenly I just realize I'm dreaming, often with no outside clue at all.

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Re: The Best Reality Checks

Postby Caspi » 01 Jun 2011 10:05

I think the best RC is to push your hand or finger to a wall or to the ground, if doesn't feel solid, then get ready to party :mrgreen:
My first LD was I think when I was a child, about 11 years old, i was in a strange mountain, full of small black rocks, I knew that it was a dream, so i rolled over and over to the end of it :P.

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Re: The Best Reality Checks

Postby bandssssky » 30 May 2013 03:47

Finger check is the first reality check i used, it triggered my first lucid dream. But now, my hands always looks normal in my dreams. Now, i use the nose-pinch RC, its effective, that you dont look crazy when you do it in public.

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Re: The Best Reality Checks

Postby mia » 31 May 2013 04:40

I try to levitate; it's discreet in real life, but always works if I'm dreaming.
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Re: The Best Reality Checks

Postby Teraku » 31 May 2013 16:19

I have two reality checks which boast a pretty high success rate:

1. I try to remember how I got where I am. If I'm in reality, I will always be able to remember the things I did previously, but in dreams, I just draw a blank.

2. I try to push my left index and middle finger through my right hand palm.

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Re: The Best Reality Checks

Postby taniaaust1 » 02 Jun 2013 09:15

I myself wouldnt try to hold nose and try to breath thing as in my case I cant breath underwater during a LD (even thou I really tried.. I ended up the only way I could breath underwater was to manifest an oxygen tank and mask for myself), so I suppose I wouldnt be able to breath either if I hold my nose and try to breath.

fortunately I dont tend to need to do reality checking in dreams as I just become aware at times that Im dreaming. My hands thou usually look weird in some way if I look at them.
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Re: The Best Reality Checks

Postby tnvilla » 19 Jun 2013 04:35

Since reading about techniques to try I've tried two of them and they really worked. The first one I tried was sticking my fingers and hand through the nearest wall and it worked great. The next on was to simply jump up into the air and if I gently floated back to the ground then that was an indication that I was dreaming. Again, worked great. As far as prolonging the dream I tried the "looking at your hands" technique. As soon as I became lucid and felt on the verge of waking up I tried looking at my hands and they looked weird. My fingers looked fat but then shrunk down to regular size after a few seconds, but found it helped me stay in the dream. I started to fly (that's my favorite thing to do) and as soon as I started getting a little excited and on the verge of waking up, I simply looked at my hands again and the moment passed and was able to prolong the dream.

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