I am Bored with Lucid Dreaming

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I am Bored with Lucid Dreaming

Postby Etienne » 19 Mar 2012 15:53

Hi I tend to Lucid dream quite often ( 5+ a week) I never tried to LD it just happened the first one was around 15 years ago and they have not stopped since. I often feel tired the next morning after an intense dream. Recently I spend most of my dream time satisfying sexual desires which seem a lot stronger than in waking life. I have grown bored of flying and also given up trying to convince people that they should acknowledge that they are only subconscious mind (which they always deny even when I do the most bizarre things to try and prove to them that they are in a dream) so that we can have a proper 1 to 1. I have to some extent gained quite a bit of control over the dream realities that I find myself in, and I have been animals birds aliens fantasy characters etc. …. The one thing that seems to bother me more than anything else is when I get to tell my fellow participants that they are merely characters in my mind and that will cease to exist when the dream ends….. I need some suggestions to spice up my dream life because I know that LD is REALY special and I feel like I have been wasting my time

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Re: I am Bored with Lucid Dreaming

Postby Peter » 20 Mar 2012 00:57

so something simple like asking the dream what you just asked us - please surprise me and see what you get
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Re: I am Bored with Lucid Dreaming

Postby Enter_DreamS » 20 Mar 2012 13:48

It's funny because I've never had one. So I'm looking at this post thinking how the hell could you be bored of it!? I wish I had as many as you :P
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Re: I am Bored with Lucid Dreaming

Postby Bleekman117 » 20 Mar 2012 17:09

There is so much you can do! I don't know where to start.
Ask your subconscious to show you something funny, freaky, amazing, etc...
Discover the lost city of Atlantis
Fly through the cosmos
Learn about yourself by talking to your subconscious
Ask to meet god and see what happens
There's so much I could list, but remember two things...
Lucid dreams can also be a source of extreme self enlightenment, not just entertainment. Lucid dreams are a direct gateway to the subconscious that would be otherwise untouchable.
Also, once you become lucid, you can always just continue with the dream you were in and interact accordingly.
You should never get bored with lucid dreams because anything you can imagine, you can do!
The mind is a beautiful thing

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Re: I am Bored with Lucid Dreaming

Postby ChilliConC » 21 Mar 2012 21:58

Play tetris. In a dream. With a massive, real life board.

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Re: I am Bored with Lucid Dreaming

Postby hartworks » 24 Mar 2012 00:46

Like some of the others, I wish I had your problem...

But if I did have it, I think I would tackle it directly in my own dreams, and ask why I'm bored. Often when I am bored in physical reality, I'm doing something I don't really care about.

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Re: I am Bored with Lucid Dreaming

Postby Summerlander » 25 Mar 2012 03:42

In lucid dreams you can do whatever you want to do. Lucid dreaming allows you to do the impossible. Lucid dreams rock!! 8-)
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