new to forum. been controling my dreams for years

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new to forum. been controling my dreams for years

Postby chuck218 » 22 Mar 2012 02:21

my names chuck im 25 yrs old marine corps vet and love dreaming. i know how to control what goes on but sometimes awaken an inner demon in myself by doing it and can turn a good dream into a nightmare almost instantly. many times i can actually feel pain from my dreams. ie i have been shot in real life and in my dreams it is exactly the same the blood the burning piercing pain. if i have a falling dream i hit the ground and feel pain in every inch of my body for a good period after. most of the time i accept im going to die in my dream and thats when it stops and i can continue on. kinda fucked up. i have also reoccuring dreams where it ends i wake up and the next night it continues on where it left off. i have only gotten 3 days consecutive of having a continuous dream but i think its pretty awesome when it happens. i was diagnosed with ptsd recently and have noticed i will actually wake up screaming or punching/kicking like fighting for my life and waking up and noticing i punched my cup of water across the room or i was punching the wall. is that normal? i have had alot of traumatic events some which haunt me some that dont. i know when im about to start dreaming because i will wake up with an adrenaline rush like my heart just tried to stop and i know i almost was about to dream and know from there within a few minutes i will be asleep so i start putting together a series of events to start my dream off how i want. i can set up me and a girl going on a date and progress the dream into crazy sex and even a break up. cant say all dreams are fun but i def can say i enjoy being asleep more than i do being awake. ;)

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Re: new to forum. been controling my dreams for years

Postby Arcadian » 22 Mar 2012 07:41

Nice to meet you,

That's some unique dream action you got going on there. I wish I could continue where I left off in my dreams each night. It's good that you already got some control over your dreams before diving into the technical aspects that his website offers.

I have an idea. Once you start refining your control over dreams, try having direct or indirect conversations with your inner self about the trauma that you are going through.

For example, while lucid in a dream, say out loud "tell me why I act X way about X.", "why do I feel X about such and such?" (X being something related to your trauma). Your subconscious mind will reveal things to you that you didn't know existed. It could be good or bad, but it's better to find out than not know. Be creative with it. Your mind knows more about you than you do yourself if that makes any sense.

By the way, I'm Army. Deploying to Afghanistan before the end of this year. I plan on having an extraordinary and interesting dream life over there given the stressful environment. I also hear the star-gazing is legit there. My LDs will consist of visiting them. I think my dream life has made me more of a sane person, and will help keep me sane while over there. PM me if you want to know more.
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Re: new to forum. been controling my dreams for years

Postby HAGART » 23 Mar 2012 17:02

Arcadian wrote:I think my dream life has made me more of a sane person

I am not in the army, but I question everything about reality and who I am as a person and my 'dream life' keeps me sane aswell. I have heard others say that after a good lucid dream they feel a sense of a 'glow' about them for a few days. I feel the same. Especially when you come face to face with what is troubling you and conquer it.

Let it happen. It is your own mind being theraputic.
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Re: new to forum. been controling my dreams for years

Postby hartworks » 24 Mar 2012 00:35

Chuck I found your post very interesting and compelling. I have ptsd also, have had it since I was a child, likely a milder form of it... I've been able to work out a lot of stuff in my dreams, lucid or not!

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