Is this a lucid dream or semi-lucid?

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Is this a lucid dream or semi-lucid?

Postby tinlun123 » 22 Mar 2012 16:24

So today, while I was dreaming, I realize that I was dreaming at one point. I then begin rubbing my hands together. I Felt my legs tingling and felt some clarity, but the problem here is that the world around me was still all blurry. When I do my reality check, my fingers went through my hand but I felt it colliding with something on the other side( which is odd). I then walked around in the dream, but I felt really really sleepy. I remember opening a closet in my room but after that I think I lost consciousness.

For some reason I felt like my brain was tricking me into thinking that this was a lucid dream but the brain might have created the dream itself, base on my knowledge and what I thought of lucid dream. This is my first time btw so not sure how it's suppose to feel like.

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Re: Is this a lucid dream or semi-lucid?

Postby torakrubik » 22 Mar 2012 22:26

Sounds like a very typical first time lucid dream :) The problem is that your brain isn't used to detecting lucidity yet, so at first it will be unfamiliar and, as you seem to have experienced, semi-lucid. Just keep trying and you'll definitely be able to extend and heighten your lucid dreams :)
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Re: Is this a lucid dream or semi-lucid?

Postby hartworks » 24 Mar 2012 00:30

Sounds to me like a lucid dream. Sure most of it was semi, but you had a taste of lucidity!

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