Loss of Control while lucid

How to control and prolong lucid dreams, increase the intensity, work with dream characters, and communicate with the subconscious.
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Loss of Control while lucid

Postby mastermind » 01 Jun 2013 03:11

I know i am lucid yet i often have trouble controlling what happens in my lucid dreams, and i would appreciate help.

most commonly the problem is with flying. i can hover a few feet from the ground alright but when i begin to really fly my body is suddenly hurled into the sky at fast speeds. its not painful or scary (i never feel pain or fear in lucid dreams, even if i try) but the feeling of lack of control is quite annoying. so i find myself high in the air and from there i have to find my way back down. when i first started lucid dreaming i spent time slowly learning to fly, and was kinda getting the hang of it. but the better i got at lucid dreaming, the more real the dreams feel, the less control i have over flying. i dont fly anymore, i walk now, and that helps the problem, but still i wonder why can't i fly. i suppose i have some sort of self defeating belief that is causing this to happen, you see i used to have a strange phobia, this irrational fear would come over me when i was in a very large open place that i would suddenly float up to the sky and have nothing to grab to save me. so for the longest time i avoided beaches and such. the phobia came and went since i was a teen. sometimes i thought i got over it, othertimes it came back to me. Thank God now i can say that the phobia is gone for real thanks to lucid dreaming (lucid dreaming ftw) because since i have experienced this in my dreams, and it wasn't so bad, i dont fear it in real life. also, if it did happen, i would know i was in a dream and that would be awesome.

this other example happens less often, very rare, but even more irksome. i had a dream once where i saw a beautiful woman, so i approached her so i can have a sensual experience with her. however she was taller than me, which was a turn off, so i tried to will her to be smaller. however the dream character resisted becoming smaller and the more i tried to make her smaller the more she resisted me. she began to grab me and yell at me like a monster. she actually got taller and darker. she began to scream at me "I CONTROL YOU, I AM THE MASTER, I'M MORE POWERFUL THAN YOU, I RULE YOU" and more like comments. eventually i broke free and moved on (novice that i am :p i shud of explored what was going on, could of had some enlightenment) i wasnt afraid or hurt, but i was very frustrated at not having any control at that moment. this happened a few times, not too often, but i wonder if any of you have any insights or advice to share with me. maybe even an interpretation of what happened? thanks so much. peace, and happy lucid dreams :)

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Re: Loss of Control while lucid

Postby taniaaust1 » 02 Jun 2013 08:56

Simply, you lack belief in your own power to control things. Deep inside you arent feeling powerful. You need to build up your confidence in yourself and of your own power.

I wonder if you can win the battle next time.
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Re: Loss of Control while lucid

Postby boardsenseless » 02 Jun 2013 12:43

I agree with the above statement. It seems obvious that you lack self belief. I have also had some difficulties with flying in dreams but have also had some incredible flying experiences, including flying through space from one planet to another. You need to set the intention of flying to a specific destination or goal and then just do it, any element of doubt or lack of intention will result in failure.

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Re: Loss of Control while lucid

Postby DeltaV » 02 Jun 2013 14:38

Remember, the dream is nothing more than an illusion. You don't walk on ground, you FEEL as if you walk on ground. That building you are seeing is merely a bunch of visuals and isn't actually there. That woman that is shouting like a nefarious overlord is nothing more than sensory inputs created by the brain. Just add imaginary ducttape over her not-really-existent mouth and you should be fine.
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Re: Loss of Control while lucid

Postby mastermind » 04 Jun 2013 23:36

hmm thnx for the response and advice. i actually have recently found a trick to help me fly. i find when i am acutally doing something in the flying like flapping my arms like wings it helps me control my movement (as opposed to just willing my movement) i even start to get the sensation of flying a bit as opposed to just moving through air which is nothing special, just gets u where ur going. its funny tho cuz my arms start to feel tired in the dream. (hey i just flew in from a lucid dream, boy are my arms tired) i know it doesnt make sense. i will work on the self esteem thing. i guess its good to know its simple, i'll keep reminding myself that when im in my dream im god, pretty much, and all that happens isnt real, just my own brain expressing itself. i do know that to some extent, alot more then when i started, when i started i still feared pain and scary things, but now i know nothing can hurt me in my dream and there is nothing scary.

i do have trouble traveling distances btw. like going from planet to planet. when i see something far away and its small and when i go towards it the object doesnt get bigger, instead i get up to the planet which is just a small ball of clay, which is a bit fascinating really, like when i saw mountains and valleys and large trees in a dream from high on a hill, and i ran to them excited to explore, and in a second i find myself stepping on this small things which werent actually far from me but just small. its weird. anyway maybe i'll make a new post about that.

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Re: Loss of Control while lucid

Postby oliverclay » 13 Jun 2013 10:59

After all this hard work you are not able to find correct result, now for this you have to concentrate once more.

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