I want to see my chakras!

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I want to see my chakras!

Postby LucidLink » 02 Jun 2013 12:20

Hi everybody I just woke up from a LD, and I tried something new! Once I flew outside, I yelled "I want to see my chakras!" And to be honest, I was half expecting nothing happening, but to my surprise a deep voice boomed from the sky, and then presents attached to balloons floated down from the sky. I eagerly grabbed a present, and investigated it, it was wrapped in red, with strange foreign writing over it, which I assumed was Sanskrit. As I began to open it, a neighbor came outside and yelled Hey to me, and then I believe we started to talk but everything gets fuzzy around this part because I was beginning to wake up, and then I woke up before I could get farther and open the presents. None the less, I havnt had a lucid dream in a couple days, so i was just happy to randomly be in a LD again, and it did yield some interesting results.

Has anyone else tried working with their chakras through lucid dreaming? I will no doubt have to repeat this, but next time actually open the presents!!

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Re: I want to see my chakras!

Postby mia » 03 Jun 2013 03:59

I just found this post of yours. Wow! Cool dream. Open the presents! :D

Here is a very good chakra meditation on you tube. Ananda Giri uses his voice to guide you into into a deep state of meditation using an ancient practise.

Basically this sort of meditation is meant to invoke the Kundalini energy to rise up and clean the Chakra's 1 by 1. The sounds he uses are the sounds for each chakra.

With these sounds he is supposed to open the 7 Chakra's in your spiritual body, starting by the first root chakra to end at the top crown chakra. He is going through the seed syllables, (bija), in each chakra with the names of each chakra. As you sit in meditation with the mantra being sung, the Kundalini energy is called to travel from the root chakra to the crown chakra

You don't have to do anything, just sit comfortably and relax. Close your eyes and just be aware of your inner feelings, while you are listening; nothing more. I don't know if my chakras are being cleansed or not when I listen to this, but I do know it's a particularly powerful meditation. Maybe you'd like to try it. Here's the link to copy and paste into your browser:

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