Psychological Healing Through Lucid Dreaming?

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Psychological Healing Through Lucid Dreaming?

Postby TheCaptain5 » 03 Jun 2013 08:06

Hey there! I have a question for all you lucid dreamers out there, particularly veterans of lucid dreaming and/or experts on the subject.

So, to begin with, I started practicing techniques to lucid dream for the same reason a lot of people practice it for: the ability to control your own virtual reality in the safety of your brain. But what really caught my eye while browsing this website, was the possibility of healing using lucid dreaming. So my question is, is it possible to psychologically "heal" your mind? The article about healing only talked about the physical body, but what about the brain?

I am a high-functioning autistic who obviously, because of the disorder, has to live with anxiety on a daily basis. This disorder causes a very big impact on my life. I am unable to get a job, have friends, live independently, just out of the sheer fear and anxiety about being around people.

Lucid dreaming, I have read, can help reduce anxiety and conquer one's fears. Can this be applied to someone with a mental disorder like me? And if so, how? I know there is no cure for autism, but is it possible to use lucid dreaming as a way to reduce anxiety and fear levels? At least down to the point where someone suffering from anxiety can feel more comfortable in a social environment, communication with others, etc.

Any answers concerning this question is appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: Psychological Healing Through Lucid Dreaming?

Postby DeltaV » 03 Jun 2013 16:53

Man, I know how you feel. I have autism too (aspergers), and I have similar problems, though with less social anxiety.

I believe that the use of lucid dreams to reduce social anxiety is possible. Actively communicating with your dream characters and even making friends with them could help. They could also give you advice on how to talk to others.
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Re: Psychological Healing Through Lucid Dreaming?

Postby LucidLink » 04 Jun 2013 13:01

This is one of lucid dreaming's best uses.
It's very possible!
You just have to be creative about it, I reccomend that you throw yourself in the middle of the biggest most social party ever thrown on the planet! And then repeat this every lucid dream, eventually wakeing life will be easy peasy compared to that ;)

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Re: Psychological Healing Through Lucid Dreaming?

Postby TheCaptain5 » 05 Jun 2013 05:11

Thanks for your input, guys. I should start to recommit myself again. Never really worked on lucid dreaming so I have only had like, 2 or 3 ones and those only lasted about ten seconds. I still keep a dream journal though and have about 260 entries for every night. Ugg, lucid dreaming comes so naturally to others! I envy them. Thanks again.

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