Look inside my ear

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Look inside my ear

Postby MsFitTex » 04 Jun 2013 17:16

My dream was an oddy...

I was laying down when all of a sudden these people started looking inside my ear to view my organs.
I haven't been sleeping well, my stress is high lately and I've started a new job. My boyfriend and I have been arguing a ton lately and kind of going through some major issues and wondering if we are compatible. Not sure if any of this comes to play.

Hope ya'll can help analyze. Thanks!

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Re: Look inside my ear

Postby oliverclay » 07 Jun 2013 11:49

This dream is related to your new job.

Morning Glory
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Re: Look inside my ear

Postby Morning Glory » 07 Jun 2013 15:33

Your ear picks up messages you don't "see," so your dream may be about things you know intuitively, especially about things deep within, like your organs. The dream seems to be using your body as a metaphor for the emotional or spiritual aspects of yourself. Try looking within through your sixth sense, your feelings, intuition, etc. for information about yourself.

If there are any health problems, you may discover those intuitively or through dreams.

You mention relationship troubles. In this case, you may want to explore your feelings through meditation or, simply, quiet talks with your partner. Time to self-examine (the organs), but in an intuitive way.

You sound very busy. A dream about your ear may be a message to slow down, quiet yourself and merely listen for a while. Always good advice; even when we don't have dreams about our ears or organs. :)

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