Was this lucid and how I continue?

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Was this lucid and how I continue?

Postby Thigg » 06 Jun 2013 15:28


Two days ago I discovered lucid dreams again. I have earlier like half year ago tried and succeeded like in very short one but then I forgot the whole thing and now I want to try again.

So, on first day I did RC whole day etcetc and at night I had my notebook next to me but I didn't remember any dreams I had (forgot one at the second I was writing it on middle of the night..). I continued RC's yesterday and at night I saw some dreams and woke up to text message after ~5,5 hours of sleep. I went almost immediately back to sleep, I thought something about lucid dreams then because it was great timing to WILD I guess. But I just fall asleep.

Next thing I remember I'm standing at WC...and then I did RC randomly while I was there...oh I breathed through my pinched nose. Then I started shaking very much and world started to blur but I remembered lucid dreams and thought something like "vision 100%, control 100% etc" (I had read that's good). My vision was clear again and I started to walk to living room and I quickly remembered that I should come up with something to do or dream would collapse.

Of course I thought about my crush and....yeah...next I remember she was there and there was a bed on livingroom. After some time I was there I think I lost somehow control of the dream. I didn't even have time to do anything there before whole bed transfered to middle of snowy battlefield...soldiers everywhere and then she just was gone and I didn't have any control anymore.

I can't remember how exactly it happened but I just had control (I think) and then suddenly it was just normal dream.

I think this is very good start if this even was lucid dream because it was just second night I tried...but how can I improve to have full control over it? In dream it felt very clear but now when I think about it, it seems very foggy and unbelievable that it happened. Should I just keep RC'ing and writing my dreams up for better remembering and eventually it will work out?

Thank you!

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Re: Was this lucid and how I continue?

Postby DreamerMan99 » 08 Jun 2013 21:55

Exactly! Ur correct. Continue rcs and writing dreams.

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Re: Was this lucid and how I continue?

Postby Sim B » 09 Jun 2013 08:14

Best thing you can do is believe in it.

Believing in your ability to control your dreams is how it's done.
"Focus on the journey, not the destination" - Greg Anderson, 1964

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