I can't sleep on my back.

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I can't sleep on my back.

Postby Oxynidus » 07 Jun 2013 07:44

Is this a problem? I can relax on my back, but I can never fully sleep unless I turn to my side. I know they say that sleeping on the back is best for LD, but how important is it? And can I still attempt WILD on my back even if I'm unable to actually sleep? Or should I attempt it on my side?

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Re: I can't sleep on my back.

Postby Highlander » 07 Jun 2013 09:42

I have the same problem. I cannot sleep on my back. Always on my belly or on the side. Strangely enough, when i wake up from a dream, i'm always on my back.
Almost everyday, i try to DEILD or WILD or even OBE on my back. Doesn't work. I become unconfortable after a while.
I don't agree what you said that sleeping on your back is best for LD. I believe that the best position you can relax is best for LD. I speak for myself. As i said, i tryed having LD's by sleeping on my back. Doesn't work. Then i switch position (on my belly or on the side). In a few minutes, i'm sleeping and then dreaming. On the side is when i have most of the LD's.
You should try the best position for yourself.

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Re: I can't sleep on my back.

Postby fatalrein » 07 Jun 2013 10:44

for me is the same as highlander. sometimes i am confy on my back. but if that doesnt work for me i switch on my side to get my self comfortable. i have never experiance LD btw xD still trying to remember my dreams. been more then a month and i just remembered 2 T^T

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Re: I can't sleep on my back.

Postby deepakkumaar97 » 07 Jun 2013 16:33

Lying on the back is said to be the best position for a WILD.
It works like this:- When you are lying on your back and trying to have a WILD you are most unlikely to fall into natural sleep and so you go into sleep slowly, you will be aware of your body sleeping and the starting of dreams that is you go to sleep step by step, this way you are more likely to have a WILD as you don't lose much awareness of your waking life and therefore you have much more awareness in WILDs than from in normal LDs.

But many people have trouble getting sleep at all if they lie on their back even if they lie for long time. This is a matter of patience.
Trying this(WILD) can been more successful if you try this on a day when you are more tired as you would fall into sleep anyways no matter which position you lie.
Do a reality check

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