Lady in my bathtub...????

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Lady in my bathtub...????

Postby dreamworld777 » 12 Jun 2013 00:47

I had the strangest dream this afternoon when I took a nap after getting home from work....
I dreamed that I went into my bathroom and there was a cat in my bathtub..not my I left the bathroom for a minute and walked back in and instead of the cat,there was now a lady standing in my bathtub and she was crying....she was an older lady,maybe in her 40s with long blonde hair wearing pants and a button up the front long sleeved shirt.No one that I know in real life....She just stood there looking at me crying so i asked her,"How did you get in here?" She said,"I'm lost and I can't find my way out of here.."
She was crying hard like sobbing and looking at the window....I told her that I could show her how to get outside....I held my hand out and she stepped out of the bathtub (which was empty,no water in it) and as she went to take my hand,I remember pulling my hand away because I felt for some reason that her hands were dirty and I didn't want to touch them..although they didn't look dirty at all,for some reason i felt they were.I led her down the stairs and as we were walking I asked her repeatedly,"What door did you go through that brought you here???"....I kept asking her that (I don't know why) and she said,still crying,"I cannot discern your questions..." Before we reached the bottom of the stairs I woke up....

Seems so strange to idea who she was but it was such a vivid dream and I can still see her face and every detail of her perfectly in my mind...she was so sad and lost but she couldn't seem to understand my question no matter how many times I asked her what door she went through to get there....and I even wonder why i continued to ask her that same question....any thoughts or interpretations on this dream??

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Re: Lady in my bathtub...????

Postby dreamworld777 » 28 Jun 2013 01:35

Anyone out there...????? Hmmmmm....... :?

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Re: Lady in my bathtub...????

Postby DreamerMan99 » 28 Jun 2013 03:52

You know that this dream reminds me of?

The beatles song - she came in through the window, protected by a silver spoon, and though she sucks her thumb and wonders... Ect.

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Re: Lady in my bathtub...????

Postby dreamworld777 » 30 Jun 2013 01:49

I have not a clue what the meaning of that song

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Re: Lady in my bathtub...????

Postby taniaaust1 » 30 Jun 2013 02:07

Dont know about your dream. I can see the individual symbolism but when put together its confusing to me due to conflicts going on in the symbolism. eg cats are able to see in the dark (being able to see the unseen), yet this dream was about being lost, confused etc. You were trying to help her..but you took her "down" stairs and not up (growth and enlightenment). The other thing which confuses me about this dream is she's older then you are..with age usually symbolically comes more wisdom but here you have someone older then you who is lost.

Her being in the "bathroom" a "bath" and her hands "feeling dirty"..well those things go together and arent carrying conflicting symbolism which is all throu the rest of this dream.

Sorry cant help with it, I cant try to read a dream when its symbolism is conflicting like this (there is only one way this dream is making sense to me and then reads in a clear non conflicting way but its so far out I dont think its likely what has caused this dream.. Im not sure if I believe in, due to my own beliefs in what it then is saying).

Reading the probable meaning of a dream is like reading a language and one cant read it with randomness of the symbolics, missing patterns (this one is like having jumbled words on a page) and no clear flow. A person decipering needs to find the dream flow and then on top of this for likely correctness, I like to find backup symbolism which helps confirm its being read correctly (most dreams do have backup symbolism which can make many dreams easy to check to see if one understand the first symbolism one notices in them..the same thing is often said in a dream up to 3 times in different symbolics).

In yours.. the only thing I can see doing that is that there is something eg a situation which needs to be cleaned up or something "unclean".. something symbolised by bathroom, bath and dirty hands. For all I know, that could of been an actual lost spirit who made a mind connection with you who needed help to be taken into the light (hence cleaned up, all the old "stuff" and dirt (confusion) of their previous life left behind. (Unlikely but could be possible, that could fit with this symbolism but I dont think spirits usually show up in others dreams lost?? Im open to that idea thou). If I had this dream and came across this lady again who is distressed or lost, I'd try calling to the divine source/light to help and come and then tell her to look for the light (dream or not.. I'd play on the safe side and treat it as a possible real lost soul just in case. I used to do spirit rescue work, thou i didnt do this in my dreams but rather in OBEs or via psychic connections while awake normally but in meditation or quiet states).

If i think along the wacked out thought line of it being a lost spirit contact.. her looking out of a window (and she's not only looking but one would assume seeing what is out there too so is connected to that) could represent her need to go to a different plane eg earth bound (she's in house) to outside (the expanse of the spiritual realms). Interesting she was sobbing as she was looking out that window (indicating a very deep desire to be out there). If it was ONLY her which looked out that window and you didnt go looking out that window too, that could help indicate that my thinking with all this is going along the right lines and the window and need to be outside is more so connected to her and could be signifying a spirit in this dream, rather then you having a connection yourself to that window.. Im curious.. do you see the view outside of this window too?

hands (this symbol was clearly important in this dream).. they hold.. dirty hands can represent being held back or something holding someone back so can mean that someone isnt moving on as they should be.

coincidently if she was a spirit.. seeing a cat in the dream, immediately before seeing her, then would make sense too. Cats not only can represent seeing the unseen (eg possibly a spirit) but also can symbolise psychic stuff (so a psychic pick up on something). So extremely interesting you say a cat and then you say this lady where she'd been... (it seems to be like a blazing sign of what was about to come). (Im being closed minded as its hard for me to accept you probably had a spirit come into your dream but this is only thing making sense to me with those symbolics.. maybe someone else can explain them all in some other way?? I'd like to hear someone else explain ALL the symbolism of your dream in a different way).

The symbol "door" would be very important if she was a lost one could symbolically say that she needs to find the "door" home (her door to getting home would be the light tunnel or whatever one wishes to call it, which happens which spirits then enter to go into the other realm). Due to the importance of the "door" symbolics, could of been why you asked her that question over and over.

If she was a spirit.. she also wouldnt have been able to answer how she'd got to your place.. she probably just found herself there. EVERYTHING in your dream would symbolically make sense if she was a spirit. How are YOU feeling about all I said here.. is there a feeling at all there that this could be right? (even if very hard to believe).

If lost spirits can go wandering into peoples dreams? why then havent I had this happen at all when I used to do some spirit rescue stuff??? (that's what is making it hard to believe that this happened to you and I havent really heard of passed over spirits showing up in peoples dreams except ones deceased close relatives or possibly in spirit hauntings? Unless someone was a bit psychic. Situations CAN be picked up psychically throu dreams). Unless lost spirits dont know how to make themselves appear in someones dream but at times it can just happen? (Im trying to make sense of this maybe possibility).

"Situations CAN be picked up psychically throu dreams"... okay I had to repeat what I just posted to myself as I do know that to be a fact, on that ground it would be possible to see etc a lost spirit who needs help. At this point Id have to say that is what I now think "may" of caused your dream as it would so fit.

Ignore all my post and my ramble as I tried to make sense of your dream, if its too far out for you or if it doesnt at all feel to be right.
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Re: Lady in my bathtub...????

Postby dreamworld777 » 01 Jul 2013 15:43

Hi Tania,thanks for your response....As for the window,she was looking out of it,I never looked out the window,I only noticed that it was very sunny,the sun was shining through..I also could hear kids playing in the was almost like she was looking outside and longing to be out there,at least that's the way it appeared to me.
I know it was a strange,kind of far out there dream and I could not make any sense of it.The house we were in was identical to my real life house that I live in now,which has the bathroom upstairs,top floor,so there is no 'upstairs' that I could have led her to,she was already upstairs.Downstairs would be the only way to get out.I do have a half bath downstairs on the first floor but she was not in this bathroom,she was in the upstairs bathroom.

I thought along the same lines that maybe she was a lost spirit that did appear in my dream but I too wasn't sure why she would end up in my you could be right about that.These kind of dreams are always the ones that I don't seem to become lucid at would think that seeing a fully clothed lady standing in a completely empty bathtub would trigger lucidity...but nope,didn't happen lol...

I cannot remember much of anything else about this dream other than what I posted..I only know that my thoughts and feelings in this dream were very vivid and clear...I remember feeling so sad for her but at the same time I just couldn't understand why she didn't have the knowledge to just walk down the stairs and leave out the door so I remember thinking that she must not have came in through the door.I wasn't fearful of her at all and didn't see her as any type of threat (considering she was clearly an intruder in my home) this didn't seem to bother me,I was just shocked to see her in there,but not afraid of her at all.
She moved very slowly,as if she were very old,although she wasn't,and i walked with her slowly and carefully as if I thought she might fall....she was distraught almost like hopeless and she was very clear about being "lost and stuck here".She never revealed her name to me and strangely enough,I never asked her name.A few days later when I was trying to interpret the dream,I felt for some reason that her name was where that came from I don't know because I don't remember her telling me,but surely the name Prisella came to me,so i don't know if she told me and maybe I didn't remember that part of the dream or why I associated her with the name Prisella,not really the most common name.

It will be interesting to see if she ever appears again in my dreams and maybe with any luck I can become lucid and talk to her and see who she is and why she's there...but becoming lucid isn't exactly my strong point these days,but I will certainly try.

Thanks for your response and sorry that the dream is so strange and hard to interpret lol.....but you know,this was the kind of dream that although it's confusing and makes zero sense,it stayed fresh on my mind and even when I tried not to think about it,it constantly reappeared in my thoughts,so I figure there must be something about it that I need to see or learn from...figuring out what that is though is the hard part :roll:

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Re: Lady in my bathtub...????

Postby lsddream » 30 Jul 2013 06:15

lol that is creepy.

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Re: Lady in my bathtub...????

Postby NOCOOKIEFORYOU » 11 Aug 2013 10:44

ok i got a simpler faster idea. so the lady can being sad and crying and wanting to get out is a simble of wanting to get out of a situation. the not wanting to touch hwr hands can express knowing a way out but not thinking its thevrigt way. then leading her downstairs and asking the same question may express doing the same thing repedely to help wih the situation is just makeing it worse. i have no idea avout the cat though hope i helped

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