Lucid Dreaming and drugs

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Lucid Dreaming and drugs

Postby caboose131 » 12 Jun 2013 03:03

Hi I have a question, now that there is a forum dedicated to literally lucid dreaming, I have been wondering this for quite sometime. If someone who takes drugs quite frequently, like let's say Cannabis specifically since that is easier to talk about since many people engage in it. Let's say if someone smokes cannabis a few times a day for about a year or two, will that have an effect on lucid daming? Like will it decrease chances of lucid dreaming or render it impossible even? Or it won't really have any effects to dreaming even if it's an excess amount?

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Re: Lucid Dreaming and drugs

Postby KylePK » 12 Jun 2013 04:58

I would imagine it would probably reduce the lucid dream count and even normal dream count.

I know that consumption of alcohol dramatically reduces the amount of REM sleep you get and the amount of dreams you have.

Anytime SWIM has smoked weed, the dream count has been noticeably lower.
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Re: Lucid Dreaming and drugs

Postby LucidLink » 12 Jun 2013 20:18

I answered your cannabis question in your other topic. What other drugs are you wondering about? DMT actually gives you vivid powerful dreams ;)

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Re: Lucid Dreaming and drugs

Postby caboose131 » 13 Jun 2013 00:54

Yea, that's what I hear about DMT lol. Nah, none else, mostly just cannabis since it's widely used and much more common lol. So basically it kinda does mess up lucid dreaming since it decreases time spent in REM I believe.

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Re: Lucid Dreaming and drugs

Postby SarahDank » 17 Jun 2013 09:51

I appologize for any sepelling mistakes - this phone does not havw auto correct :(

I can answer this from complete experience.
Yes, it does effect Lucid dreaming dramaticly if you smoke weed daily.

I have false awakenings alot during Lucid dreaming, and now days have lucid dreams alot less than i did when i did not smoke regulary.
I find it hard to recall my dreams after smoking the day of the sleep.

Now... before i smoked weed i had nightmares everynight. Weed stopped that.

When i stop smoking for a day or two, my dreaming goes back to normal.. (extreamly vivid, very high dream recall and so many more lucid dreams.)

This is my experience.

I have never had lucid dreams whilst using other recreational drug.

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