First goal-oriented LD!

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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First goal-oriented LD!

Postby PrototypeTEGTA » 12 Jun 2013 09:33

Maaaaaaaaaan, I have been waiting for this forever! I finally had my first LD in which my first LD goal was accomplished- FLYING! I had a few LDs in the last 2-3 months, but I only either became lucid for a short while, didn't get the chance to do one of my goals, or the dream ended prematurely. But this one finally nails it, and after 3 long years!

-LD Technique: DILD
-LD Time: Before awakening at morning.

There is a huge prequel to this dream, but I'm not going to write it as it's not quite as interesting as the rest of the dream.

I'm at my old school, sitting in a middle-row desk between my classmates. I look around and see a lot of familiar faces of my friends (in real life). I look more closely and I notice that there are younger kids sitting along in the class, rather than teenage students with the usual uniform. I start questioning the possibility of this actually being logical. I (or my subconsciousness) then make up an assumption that these kids may have been raised to our grade since they are really smart and they deserve it. Nice one, mind.

While we are still in class, talking about different subjects, my grandmother opens the door and steps into the classroom. "What is she doing here?," I wonder. A sudden realization that I'm dreaming knocks at the door of my mind, and I open the door generously, becoming lucid! I always have this mistake of being nervous of losing the dream, so I remind myself to keep calm and confident. I focus my vision at my hands in an effort to direct my awareness and my jumbled, excited thoughts to let the dream stay stabilized and have much more significant vividness. I really zoom my vision into the details within the palms of my hands. I think I'm safe of losing it now, though it is not as clear as I want it to be. I attempt to count my fingers, but they are normally numbered. I look away for a second and look back, and I realize that my right hand's thumb and pinky have switched places, and now my right hand looks identical to my left hand. It's really weird but funny.

I decide to stand up and go outside. A teacher and one student hold me tight and their faces look like they are saying: "You're not going anywhere."
I squeeze myself, escaping from the classroom. I start running in the hall, and I head towards the principal office, as I recall that it has a huge window that I can escape through. (The school in the dream is exactly like my old school in real life).
Still lucid, I imagine telekinesis powers forcing the window to shatter so I can jump through it and escape. It doesn't shatter. I force it again. No luck with that. I quickly open the window manually, and while I'm just about to step and jump away, I realize I'm at my real home's veranda (or balcony). (Playing games on me, dream, huh?)
I jump through, and I fall like 4 or 5 stories down. I straighten my body like a diving eagle, and land on a truck, crushing it. I look around, and the weather is rainy with the sky cloudy grey. I see myself in a good situation to attempt my first LD goal, so I jump and start flying fluidly. I don't go extremely high so as not to lose my lucidity. I keep flying around, sticking to buildings like Spider-Man, and just fall so quickly through the air, that I feel like gravity is devouring my legs. It feels quite amazing, exciting and surprisingly natural with all the rain drops and blowing winds colliding with my body while I am airborne.
I finally decide to go really high, and penetrate the grey clouds. But as I have previously mentioned about losing lucidity, I actually lose the dream and wake up.

I finally realized that flying in dreams is so easy for me and I'm now more confident with my attempts to lucidly dream. However, like with all my previous lucid or non-lucid dreams, they are not as vivid or clear as I want them to be. I think the realism of my dreams is more centered towards the feelings and emotions of the dream, rather than the other senses of vision and sound. I can recall exact feelings of the flight really well (sheer excitement, sense of gravity, feelings of water drops and the wind), but on the other hand, the sounds or smells of the dream don't stand out that much, and vision is a little bit hazy.
Still a very powerful lucid dream for me nonetheless.
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