New here. Could be in the wrong place though :-/

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New here. Could be in the wrong place though :-/

Postby UberMoose » 13 Jun 2013 19:55

Hi. I don't want to write too much about myself other than what i've experienced over the last few years. And i just want to say that i'm not sure on all of this; i mean, personally, i used to think i was f**king cursed! I haven't spoken to anybody about any of it for fear of sounding mental. And in all honesty i doubt a lot of people (including myself) who talk about these things. I'm a logical guy, and everything i've exlerienced is not logical, nor normal. It's physically impossible. No other explaination. I can't think of one person who could talk me into believing this can happen, but it happens, and i really don't understand how :-/

I'll cut it short for your sake:

Nothing has happened since the Jap tsunami: The night before that incident i had a dream about a huge whirlpool in the ocean with hundreds of Asian people drowning in it. That's the time i thought it couldn't be a coincidence. But for years before that there was nothing.

In my early 20's i'd dream about conversations and thigs which would happen through the day locally and at work etc. but usually the night before or in very close proximity. Then as the months progressed, i would dream about things which wouldn't happen for months until i would dream about things that wouldn't happen for a year or more. Then i had a really vivd, memorable (to the last detail) dream about being in a bedroom with a girl sat on my bed. At this point i was just pissed off at myself because of all the dreams i'd had before, with the past experience, i knew the dream would come into fruition but i didn't know how long inwould take. For all i knew it could be five years and anything inbetween was a waiting game. Was an awful feeling! I thought about the dream every day for years bu nothing happened and i just thought it was nothing & i could get on with my life. It wasn't until i was 29-30 years old when i moved into my new pad with my new job i recognised the room :-) weird mix of, "Yup, right again", and, "Jesus, seriously?! Wow!" The girl was nowhere to be seen until something like three or four months later when she started work & we ended up together. She went to put on her shoes one night, sat on the end of the bed. Same cute look on her face, i had the same lovey dovey feeling. Just incredible. And weird.

See i never paid no mind to all of the other dreams i'd had back in the day because they were all mixed in with these other dreams which i only figured were 'the weird ones' after i'd physically experienced the situations. I used to dream of all sorts, finding a female severed head in a bucket of water in some unkown compound somewhere. Was that a nightmare or a lucid (whatever they call it) dream? I dreamt of minor scale disasters and such like but again i didn't really think much of it as i just put it down to nightmares etc.

After the girl in the room & the asian ocean whirlpool thing i now know there is probably more than meets the eye but back then i just palmed a lot of dreams off as bullshit.

About me: i'm kind of unique i suppose. I'm a super fast learner. Incredible natural talent for solving things / investigation. I can read a person within a nanosecond of meeting them. I was telling one guy yesterday that i use it to y advantage: A girl started work & within the space of meeting her i'd ascertained that she was in a struggling relationship, her fiancee doesn't trust her as far as he can throw her, she would happily bang me if i'd just asked, she's a loose cannon when it comes to partying and her diet is crap. After a short conversation i found this was all right and figured the rest out on the fly.

I know when people are lying. It isn't that i can read signals or anything, i didn't take classes. I just know. It's very odd. I try to ignore it & give people the benefit of the doubt. But nope, i'm always right :( It's like nothing in life is a surprise, life's planned out, and i'm waiting to die. That's the long and short of it. I DID think that the last chalter in my book would e close to the girl on the bed scenario but i'm still here two years later and i haven't had any more mental dreams that i can remember. My perception of peoples' character and personality gets better though. My sister brings home a nice new boyfriend, everyone likes him. I get a steong gut feeling that he's a fucking creep & would get heavy handed with my nephew at any point. Two weeks later, i'm right.

New guy starts work. He's a decent chap. Local guy. Kids. Wife. House.... I can't stand him. For some reason i think he's a liar, a light fingered so & so and would probaby sell his mum for a drink. I tell myself i'm being harrrrsh, unfairly harsh. And i should give the guy a break. Lo' and behold. Right again :(

What use is this? Seriously. How does this help me live my life? Sometimes i wish i could kinda just be dumb & get on with everybody. Don't get me wrong, my friends are the kind of people who have great hearts, they don't need any figuring out. And i love good natured people. It'd just be nice to think arseholes like these didn't exist on my planet!

So anyway. There's part of my story. Reply if you want to. Idk with what. There may be someone who can relate (i haven't checked ANY of the forum but i will tomorrow, literay signed up & wrote this as per the advice of a guy from a newspaper here in the U.K) but i don't know what anyone could say to help or whatever. Just; hope you enjoyed my suffering! Haha. Peace.

P.S. excuse any grammatical errors. Small phone keyboard!

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Re: New here. Could be in the wrong place though :-/

Postby HAGART » 19 Jun 2013 06:10

You sound like an interesting person.
I too feel at times that I wish I was dumb and could live in a life of delusion and be a bubbly personality and get along with everybody. Unfortunately, I am not an optimist; I am a realist. I tend to analyze things too much and see right through people. I question their motives and what they truly desire. And most of the time I am right. (I'm not as good at it as you, but I feel the same way.)

I had a few deja vu moments in my past, but never had a strong precognitive dream before. (Or maybe it just hasn't happened yet.) I too am rational and scientific. I've heard other accounts of precognitive dreams. If they are real, then I wonder why. And just because something is a mystery doesn't make it magic. There must be an explanation.
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Re: New here. Could be in the wrong place though :-/

Postby LucidLink » 20 Jun 2013 01:43

That is amazing my friend! The fact is, we all have a 6th sense. And we are all psychic. You just happened to quite attuned to this ability. There are more then 5 sense my friends, science is just behind the game;)
Also, when we are asleep, our brain operates at a different level that is more receptive to our psychic ability. Which is why it's possible for us to even receive chosen information we seek about the future from lucid dreams.

I believe it is all possible because time is not linear, as science sees it. It's more like, everything is happening at once, just seperately. It's not hard to see the future, it's just like seeing the present, you just have to look with your third eye ;)

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Re: New here. Could be in the wrong place though :-/

Postby mia » 20 Jun 2013 17:19

Very interesting indeed. I think Hagart summed it up: " just because something is a mystery, doesn't make it magic", and it doesn't mean it's a delusion either. Life is fascinating. It does not always fit into the narrow parameters 'we' ( usually 'we' means the western world view) says it has to fit into. 'We' also tend to reject anything that doesn't 'fit'.
LucidLink is right about time, and the theory that 'Time' is not linear is in some fields of western Science as well.
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