Over the top; Lucid dream.

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Over the top; Lucid dream.

Postby mikail221 » 15 Jun 2013 13:47

Hello world of lucid dreaming,
I know that i'm new here and would like to introduce myself first, my name is mikail, and i'm 20 years old, i think i've might have been blessed with having lucid dreams from a young age. I tried controlling them but it never lets me. My lucid dreams always play out the way they play out whenever i'm in that state i don't try to do anything and just let it play and see what i can pickup what is happening. I've done this since the age of 7.

But now i'm 20 and am quite good at it, but tonight i've had the craziest lucid dream ever, not in a way that it's miracilously beautifull or inspiring but it was a hopeless world.

In the dream i've felt i was younger, around the age of 15-16 and i've been accompied by other persons around the same age. We were in front of a house trying to figure out should we go in there, would it be save? (this ofcourse is how pretty much all my nightmares start) but then something else happened i didn't take notice at first but keep reading, we entered the house just as we walked through the path that lead to this old poverisched house there was 1 big stone, rough on the edges but you had to step onto it whenever you entered the house, it was like going through some sort of field. I'd be the last on to step onto it each time. With the other persons the edges of the stones turned blue and when i stepped on it it would become yellow. I didn't take much notice at this point of it. While we enter the house we enter like we are all scared of someone like someone might be there, so we tried to hide our way in. The house was suitable for us.

Then the dream resetted and i was back again in front of the house. Each time we entered something new was added to the house seemed more poverisched and the children seemed older also each time entering the stone would still turn up yellow as if "i don't belong there" but still lets me pass when i passed it. The scenery was really dark, but you could feel it wasn't night time. No stars, no sun, no moon yet you did saw a grayish red colour coming over the horizon.

After this happening what felt for ages, more children and people were in the house.

I really didn't care just saw it as a weird house and just continued observing.
The last time we entered the house was also the time i woke up, this is also the last round that scared me.

back again in front of the house, enterring as usual but now i could see the force field around the house perfectly it looked blue for the people enterring in front of me yet repelling me ever so slightly when the forcefield turned yellow when i entered, this made us all casious. We entered silently over the path behind me was a blond chap named christoph in front of me were 1 pair of twins and next to me were 2 teenager aged girl and boy. We walked up to the door and entered. I've felt a cold wind through the house and we all hit the floor yelling don't look outside the windows, stay away from the windows don't be seen. We all crawled room by room to the room with no windows. Each room we passed someone opened the door, each door there were children or old people scared in very old clothes and really looked like they were in poverty for ages. Untill we reached the "big room" there was a tv, 1 scared child sitting on the couch and 2 big chairs, somehow i felt tired really tired, so with a big sigh i sat down in one of these big chairs. On the arm of the chair there was this big rag which i throwed on the ground but it didn't hit the ground the wet rag made a sound like it hit human skin, as soon as i heard that, i saw a woman with blond/brown hair raise up from under a blanket repeating, I'm wealthy, how has this come to be what can we do what are we here for. I then woke up.

I've had scarier lucid dreams but what scared me about this one, is that i woke and i couldn't move my body at all for the first 30 seconds, then i could move but not open my eyes, in which i screamed and forced my eyes open, i stood up and immediately fell over as if i was not in controll of my body.

This proceeded for 3 minutes or so of me trying to get up but not having the power for it. So i then just sit down and waited untill i've felt a weight off me and then i just got up and made coffee.

So my question is what is the meaning of this over the top lucid dream of an old poverisched house, with inside children, old folk and just persons, all scared of something, in a world where there is no night nor day time? and this old woman telling me she is wealthy and needs help.

I've read enough to know this resemblences an OBE but i don't know. Does anyone know ? If not well, still a good story :)

I thank you all in advance :)

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