The language of dreams?

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The language of dreams?

Postby Oxynidus » 17 Jun 2013 11:15

It seems to me that dreaming is like a language that the subconscious mind speaks, and much of the time, that language is something your conscious mind barely understands, which I think might partially explain why we have difficulty remembering much of our dreams.

At least for me, I can remember the things that I understand in my dreams, and I forget what my conscious mind can't comprehend, kinda like if you listen to someone speaking a language you only partially understand, you'll remember the words you understand, but forget the rest, and even if you can remember the sound of the words you didn't understand, you'll likely forget even that a few hours later if you don't focus your thoughts on them.

This might be one of the reasons dream journaling is useful. It's like taking notes when you're learning a new language. As you begin to understand that language, your ability to remember what is said will improve. Otherwise it's just forgettable gibberish.

I'm not sure if this view makes much sense, but if it does, it would be helpful in understanding the process of dreaming and dream recall.

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Re: The language of dreams?

Postby oliverclay » 24 Jun 2013 06:38

It is natural because you cannot remember the dreams after sleep.

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