Was this Lucid dream?

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Was this Lucid dream?

Postby jbisabass » 18 Jun 2013 12:02

Note: video game experts might be better at catching references than others

As I got out of the shower last night, I was thinking "Lucid dreaming might help me experience Virtua Cop as one of the cops one day" (Virtua Cop is an amazing on rail shooter by Sega). Also, I was thinking "I wonder what it would be like being Tails for a day" (Sega character, personal favorite). One of my dreams tonight was that I was with Sonic and Shadow (from the Sonic the Hedgehog series) getting ready to go out on a rooftop (that would be inspired by me watching the rooftop chase from an HBO Zone recording of In Time instead of the whole film, which I already saw). Silver (introduced in 06) arrived from the future with a shrink ray and 2 noisy crickets (guns from Men in Black which are extremely small, but will cause an explosion wherever it is aimed at). Sonic and Shadow obviously got the noisy crickets, and I got the shrink gun, but after getting hit with it first. I still saw things from my normal size, but I was still shrunk to about Sonic's and Shadow's sizes. Then a real looking Joan Allen (Bourne movies, the ones with Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner :roll: ) explained our mission as we were heading out (I think we were in some sort of 1950s-1960s family go cart). Just before we started to move, I woke up. Lasted for about a minute. I knew was in the dream and I never had a lucid induction, and I felt half lucid (I was feeling lucid the entire time), but I do not know whether it was or was not. My only other dream that night was a recurring "cinematic" dream about driving by a lakeside (that is where it was) beach shop, and sometimes we even went in the parking lot, in the very back, in a spot where a car could tumble on ours (actually we didn't do this but I could see it coming). lasted for 5 seconds.

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Re: Was this Lucid dream?

Postby tea » 30 Jun 2013 21:32

simple answer: did you know you were dreaming? if so, yes; that's what defines a lucid dream.

or.. what's your question after all?
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