A bad mattress can really hurt your dream recall

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A bad mattress can really hurt your dream recall

Postby Oxynidus » 19 Jun 2013 07:16

I'm just discovering the importance of a good mattress. You might not actually be aware that your mattress is not a very good one, until you try lying on it for half an hour without tossing and turning. My dream recall went up from 1 dream every 4 days to 2 dreams every day when I switched beds.

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Re: A bad mattress can really hurt your dream recall

Postby Teraku » 20 Jun 2013 18:48

Same here. No idea why.

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Re: A bad mattress can really hurt your dream recall

Postby HAGART » 26 Jun 2013 03:46

And it always helps to be able to drop a bowling ball on one side without spilling a glass of red wine on the other! You never kinow when that comes in handy!

(I'm just having fun. We've all seen the commercial.) :lol:

What's YOUR lucid sleep number!

Again, just having fun with mattress commercials and not making fun of the topic.

Comfort DOES matter! You don't always know when you are comfortable or not.... but when you don't question it anymore... then you are truly comfortable.

Discomfort, no matter if it's a bad mattress, mosquito buzzing in the room, dog barking in the distance, are all distractions that are mostly blocked out when awake, but when trying to sleep, they become a paramount distraction. Or a dripping faucet if I remember my Donald Duck cartoons correctly....

A good mattress does help, especially if you are like me and roll over five times a night. (Not quite wake back to bed, but come out of a dream, roll over and sleep again.) If I'm on a couch or a hammock I can't do that. I experimented with different places and you gotta find the right one for you, whatever it is....

What's your lucid sleep number?
And if you have the right mattress, keep in mind, although mosquitoes may buzz in your ear and keep you awake, your glass of red wine beside you will never tip when that inevitable bowling ball comes crashing down on your bed!
If we all lucid dreamed this world would be a better place.

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