Changing your "physical" form in a dream

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Changing your "physical" form in a dream

Postby Psychedelic_Elf » 28 Jun 2013 09:15

When you change your dream body, how realistic does it feel? I'm not talking about becoming an animal or something non-human, but rather a different person. Like, let's say you wanted to become a more muscular person in your dream, so you concentrated and "bulked" up. Do you actually feel the muscles and your body puffing up and getting larger?

Or let's say you changed your body so that you've got wider hips than normal. When you run your hands over them, do they actually feel wider? Same thing with other features, such as growing larger or smaller breasts, a bigger or smaller butt, bigger or smaller nose, being taller or shorter, thinner or fatter, and so on. Does it truly feel like I'm physically different, or is it just like an illusion where I look different but when I actually try to touch the new feature with my hand it feels the same as always.

I ask this because I want to truly change my physical body in the dream, and have it feel 100% like it happened in real life. I want to actually experience what it's like to have a different physical body. I know that with lucid dreaming, our mind draws from our experiences. If you haven't experienced something, your mind just makes a best guess. But it can't be that hard to extrapolate what it's like to have slightly different features, right? If I'm trying to become a dragon, then of course that would be difficult, but if I'm just trying to change myself into, say, a 6-foot tall man with athletic build, or a short pear-shaped woman with wide hips and butt, my mind ought to be able to do this fairly accurately, right? And it would feel more or less like I was that person in real life?

And finally, do you have to constantly concentrate to maintain your new shape and body?

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Re: Changing your "physical" form in a dream

Postby LucidLink » 28 Jun 2013 15:40

Believe it or not, when lucid dreaming you can experience things you've never experienced before.

And yes, when you change your physical form you truly feel it. It is 100 percent real, lucid dreaming has no limits ;)

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Re: Changing your "physical" form in a dream

Postby Psychedelic_Elf » 29 Jun 2013 23:19

How can you experience something in a lucid dream if you haven't experienced it in real life? I thought your subconscious drew from your real experiences to simulate the dream. If you've never experienced something in real life, your mind just makes a guess based on what you have experienced.

I have no idea what it's like to be built like an American football player. If I transform myself into a huge football player, I can imagine being taller and heavier and more muscular and massive. My clothes would become tighter and smaller, my movements would maybe be slower and more deliberate, my footsteps would be heavier and more ponderous, gravity would make me feel heavier. Same thing if I transformed myself in a beautiful and voluptuous woman. I can imagine what its like to have wide flaring hips and a narrow waist, large full breasts hanging off of my chest, and so on. I can imagine what it would feel like, from the inside, to have that sort of body. But is that what happens in a lucid dream?

Because I don't want to just look different when I look at myself in a dream-mirror; I want to feel different anatomically, too. I want it to be as if I possessed that sort of body in real life. Or pretty darn close, anyway.

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Re: Changing your "physical" form in a dream

Postby tea » 30 Jun 2013 21:50

it seems to me as if you already have a pretty clear understanding how this works.. in the end it's all up to you whether you feel it, or not :)

i think you won't have much trouble reaching your goal!
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