At the Market

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At the Market

Postby taniaaust1 » 29 Jun 2013 01:23

Interestingly my last spontanous LD weeks ago (I arent currently trying to LD), I was at a market place too but this market place was different to the last one I was at (the last LD was more like a fair thing which had a stilt walker and other entertainment acts about not just stalls selling stuff).

I become lucid and find Im at a market inside a big hall. There are stalls everywhere and this fair is very busy. There are quite a few rows of stalls in the hall.

I make a decision that this LD I wont do my normal thing which is to set myself 3 goals and then wake myself up but rather this time I will see how long I can make this LD last, how long can I stay in it for? and just instead go with dream flow (only with slight dream alterations with dream goals). Due to my LD setting, I decide that my first LD goal this dream will be to quickly check out the type of stalls here to see if there are any out of the ordinary, strange stalls here (Im seeking out symbolism). So I walk down each aisle noting the stalls, all the stalls thou seem quite ordinary thou. First goal achieved I start thinking about what goal I'll do next.

There had been at least two clothes stalls I'd seen, so I come up with the idea that I'd like to build myself a LD wardrobe of clothes (I love clothes in real life so the idea of getting all my dream clothing in a dream which I reallly like and not having to worry about physical money costs, well its exciting). I also wonder to myself if I focused on buying clothes this LD would I automatically have that clothing in future LDs to wear and enjoy? Thirdly I want to see how creative my subconciousness can be as far as very nice clothing goes. So I head over to the closest clothing stall, excited about what Im about to do and how Im about to enjoy treating myself.

I go throu the clothing at the stall, none of it thou is exciting me or standing out. I go across to the other clothing store in the other aisle I remember seeing before and look throu its clothing racks... nothing exciting there either. I go walking up and down the market aisles, looking to see if there was other clothing stalls and come across one other. It thou is a bridal clothing stall with bridesmaids dresses and wedding dresses.. I didnt want that kind of clothing! I give up at this point of buying myself exciting clothes as there are no other clothing stalls inside the big hall. (thinking to myself at the time.. "why do dream goals often end up being harder then one would of thought?").

I half heartively decide (Im still feeling a little disappointed I cant find any wonderful clothing at this big market) that I'll now try to find some nice jewellry to get.. I can try to do what I was doing with the clothes instead with jewellry (would beautiful jewellry I've brought in a LD hoping it will appear in other LDs, would that then appear in my future dreams automatically?), so I walk over to a jewellry stall and look at all the jewellry it has. No jewellry thou at that stall really gets my attention. So at this point I decide I'll do something else. **sighs.. no wonderful LD treats for me**

I walk outside the hall and find there are market stalls out there too (I'd be assuming before this that the stalls were just inside). I decide I want to try to treat myself with a sexual massage at a market as its something I would never do in real life and would be fun to experience so a good LD thing to do. So I start walking up and down the stalls, looking for massage stalls and come across one.

I read the big writing on the sign out the front of the stall but sexual massages arent to be seen in the price list. There is some small writing on the sign so I decide to try to help my LD along in the way I want and try to create a sexual massage situation, so before reading the small writing.. I think about that writing in its small print, saying something about sexual massages are available here and expect that to happen for me. I then read the small print.. "ohh" disappointment hits me as this didnt work, this massage stall still doesnt seem to give sexual massages and nothing about them in the small print of the sign either. "darn.. my subconsciousness isnt allowing me to treat myself" I think to myself and at this point finally give up on the idea of doing so this dream.

Thinking to myself about once again.. what will I use this LD for now? I decide to investigate dream characters. Ive been for some time interested in finding a reoccuring DC in a dream so sometimes go around asking for their names and info. There are tons of DCs about, so I look around to see if there are any DCs who seem to be different to the others, stand out from the others in some way. I see a strange, short (not all that attractive but average in looks) dark haired male looking at things on the stall opposite me so approach him to investigate him. I dont know why this guy has stood out to me (other then he's short). I ask him his name expecting him to give me a first and last name.. but he just says "Simon". When he speaks I realise that this guy is mentally challenged, slow.

I lost my LD at this point (and was to the point where I didnt feel like trying to get it back again) but came aware when I completely come out of the LD that this guy was probably called Simon as he was "simple".. eg Simple Simon (lol our subconsciousness is so funny at times. haha.. so I met Simple Simon at a fair "Simple Simon met a pieman going to a fair, says Simple Simon to the pieman "can I taste your wears"). I guess I best run if I ever meet a Miss Muffet.


Anyway, this was a quite fun LD with me full of excitment as I "tried to" do the things I was setting out for myself to do with my waking mind even if I didnt succede with what I really wanted to do. I spent about 2 and a half hours of dream time in this lucid dream (not real life time). I did thou several times loose the dream and have to pull myself right back into it. I thought up a new way of doing this which worked good for me and would like to share this.

Instead of focusing hard on the now moment of where I am in the dream as I usually do when Im loosing it eg partly lost it or fully lost it.. instead I took my mind back to the most recent strong clear part of the dream in which I was fully present and tried to relive that part of the dream again eg focus on the point where I was in the dream before, eg somewhere within the last minute I had the dream very clear instead of trying to focus on where I are now in the dream.

If Im still in the dream enough to feel it, I will also try start to walk back to that point while thinking of it (actually this method of just thinking and trying to experience strong clear point of the dream seemed to work even better at getting it back if I was beyond the point in which I could still feel myself moving in the dream, so beyond the point where I was able to walk back to the spot in which I had full dream clarity).. if Ive lost myself to the dream where Ive lost the dream feel completely, I will focus on the emotions and what I previously saw at the point I had full clarity. In the above dream I took myself back fully into this dream by using this way of going back into it 3 times and then was able to continue on the dream for what felt like another 10-15mins each time without having any more dream loss or fading issues doing that time period.

By focusing on a time a short time back where I had the dream most clearly (before any fading), I felt far calmer and there was no panic or desparation of "oh shit, Im loosing this dream" .. which I think made it so much more easier to get back into the lost or loosing LD state and to the dream. Also via going back to a previous point in the LD, it was like the template for the dream was already there and I didnt have to "imagine" touching something in the now moment.. so just easier to go back to the past.

I guess this new technique would be very easy to learn even if one wasnt natural to it as one could practice the going back to a very recent spot/time in the dream while even not starting to loose the dream (thou I do think what you are experiencing in the dream now moment may distract and could even make it harder to go back.. so some dream loss could well make it easier to do).

Anyway..this is my new getting the dream back technique.. feel welcome to share it.
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Re: At the Market

Postby Sim B » 03 Jul 2013 07:01

That's certainly an interesting technique. I will have to try it. For me, well, it depends on the day. Sometimes I can, very easily, re-instate my dreams just by recalling them as soon as I wake up from them. Other days, not so much.
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