Needing Expert Help. Afraid to Lucid Dream

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Needing Expert Help. Afraid to Lucid Dream

Postby TheGmaster » 29 Jun 2013 04:26

Hello, my name is Joey and I am considering lucid dreaming. The only reason stopping me is the thought of sleep paralysis and hallucinations. I am very terrified of the though of seeing "creepy things" in my mind and do not want to see these things (reasons why I don't do shrooms/LSD) but, I want to be able to lucid dream. I was wondering if you could tell me EVERYTHING possible I can do to prevent these things but still be able to lucid dream. I just don't want to see scary things and not be able to move. Thanks.

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Re: Needing Expert Help. Afraid to Lucid Dream

Postby taniaaust1 » 29 Jun 2013 05:01

Just accept these things and that will make them far less likely to happen to you. The more a person is fearing them, the more likely you will find yourself in those situations as your mind is most likely to create the things you focus on.. if you are focused on seeing "scary stuff", well that is what then you may be most likely to get.

What's to be feared about a "temporary" paralyses state?? as after all you spend all your sleeping time in that state anyway, even if you are unaware you do so. Do you fear every night going to sleep due to that your body naturally goes into that?

Besides, it can be broken if you do experience it.. eg focus hard on wiggling just a finger or toe (do not try to move your whole body as that doesnt break it). Many who want to LD actually welcome and aim for a sleep paralyses state as this state allows them to know when they are between the wake and sleep state (so about to LD).

As to not seeing scary things.. none of us can say if you will be a person who gets a lot of imaginary or not before getting into LDs (I myself dont get images before hand only on very rare occassions and I dont find these scary at all even if Im viewing a persons face in front of me covered in ants.. as I know its just an image and not real, yeah some of the images can be a bit disturbing but as they arent real, they dont need to be scary).
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