Situations that happens to me on my dreams

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Situations that happens to me on my dreams

Postby Highlander » 30 Jun 2013 16:43

I've been reading my dream journal and noticed some strange things that happens to me. I do not know if this also happens to you.
1-In many dreams, when I try to speak, my voice does not come out. It seems that I lost my voice.
2-Many dream characters when they talk to me, they talk too fast without stopping and i do not understand them.
3-When I dream I'm in places I know well (in my house, in my parent's house, at work ...) the place is very similar to real life but in much larger dimensions.
4-I can speak foreign languages fluently, with perfect accent, which does not happen in real life.
5-Many times I cannot fly with ease. I have to use the swimming technique (paddling with my arms) which makes me fly very short distances, go slowly and i get very tired.
6-The dream characters i meet to talk always seems to be much older. Always seems to have between 50-70 years of age.

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Re: Situations that happens to me on my dreams

Postby HAGART » 01 Jul 2013 00:55

I've experienced all of those on at least one occasion, except for the multi-lingual ability.
I'm horrible at languages. :(
Dream characters I meet can be all ages, but if I want to discuss something deep, and want to have a wise discussion, they tend to be older than me. It's probably an archetype of 'the wise old man' (or woman at times that I have met). That could be because we think that older people are wiser than we are, which is true for the most part.
Everything else, I have experienced before at least once. Don't know why, but they are common.
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Re: Situations that happens to me on my dreams

Postby Sim B » 03 Jul 2013 07:05

Many of them happened to me too, seems to depend on the dream.

Remember, we aren't in control of our subconscious, even if 100% lucid. Dreaming is still a very subjective concept. :D
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Re: Situations that happens to me on my dreams

Postby DreamChaser » 03 Jul 2013 07:42

I also find that I can't seem to speak or my voice is really quiet in dreams. I wonder why that is O.O

I've also noticed that DCs seem to speak German to me, not English even though I live in Australia now. Even people I recognize, who I know only speak English, speak German.
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