Spoke to a voice

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Spoke to a voice

Postby ethericmist » 01 Jul 2013 18:51

I had a lucid dream last night. As soon as I realized I was lucid, I started flying like in most of my lucids. I remembered that I had read something about talking to my subconscious and decided to make an attempt.

I flew to the top of the most highest point in the sky I could. Than I spoke "what do you want from me" and nothing. So I yelled it again, LOUD, and it echoed with powerful energy. Than a voice sounding like the deepest god voice with a robotic tone echoed back, "Baptist Church".

I seen the city beneath me change from a city to the wilderness and a empty feild with one building and one tree next to its front right side. I flew down and it looked like a newly built modern church with a healthy tree. Than the voice spoke again but I couldn't make out what it said. So I said "please again cause I can't understand" and it did but still I didn't understand.

Than I looked back at the church to enter but it had changed. It looked old, condemned an unstable. Almost spooky an scary. It had brown dusty roots coming out of every window, door, and crack. The tree next to it was un healthy with no leaves and the trunk looked twisted around spooky like.

I flew closer an between the tree branches and away from it. I woke like wow I wish I understood what the last voice was trying to say. If anyone could help me understand would be greatful. I have some ideas though.

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Re: Spoke to a voice

Postby chiller173 » 06 Jul 2013 02:48

My guess is that whatever that voice was is telling you you'll find the answer by going to a baptist church lol. I think the fact that you couldn't hear the last thing he said to you, is an indication that you aren't ready for the answer, and that the church changing to being scary is you might be afraid of the answer you'll find. That's just what stuck out to me.

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