Having trouble with MILD technique, can't stay still.

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Having trouble with MILD technique, can't stay still.

Postby CNile » 05 Jul 2013 01:48


I've been trying to have a lucid dream for about three weeks. I have been recording a dream almost every night in my dream journal, and have been doing 10-15 reality checks a day. My reality checks consist of trying to push two fingers through my hand, then looking at fine details in the world and checking to see if things are where I remember them being. I have also been taking melatonin before bed, and also eating small amounts of cheese about an hour before going to sleep. I've been following all the instructions for the MILD technique perfectly, but I've never even come close to having a lucid dream.

There are two major problems that I think are the cause of this, and two other possible problems. The first is that I have a condition (Not Tourettes, but close) that prevents me from being still for more than about ten minutes. This may be interfering heavily with my attempts at a MILD. The second problem is that my dreams are very short, extremely blurry and dark, and very small in scale. They usually consist of black and many shades of one other color (Usually purple or orange). They're very vague and fleeting, and I feel brain-dead in them, so I have a lot of trouble remembering to do reality checks in them. I can't afford dream herbs, so I can't use them, though I'm sure I could have a lucid if I took some. The two other possible problems are my nocturnal sleep cycle (I am up 'till about 5:30 AM, and I get up somewhere in the afternoon), and I also listen to isochronic tones to help me sleep, which I don't know if they are bad for the MILD technique or not, since they weren't mentioned in the MILD tutorial.

So my questions are:
Is it impossible for someone who can't sit still to have a lucid dream?
How can I have longer, more vivid dreams?
Do I have to change my sleep cycle so that I sleep when it's dark?
Should I stop listening to isochronic tones?
Should I try a different kind of reality check?
And lastly, should I just try a different technique? The DEILD technique and WILD technique appeal to me.

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Re: Having trouble with MILD technique, can't stay still.

Postby Goldkoron » 05 Jul 2013 02:03

Your problem is that you cannot remember your dreams well, I am unsure and not an expert at making dreams more memorable. I have Tourette Syndrome and I know from experience that WILDs do not work for me, especially for you too if you cannot keep still. I have had about 6 lucid dreams and each of them were mainly from reality checks in dreams or just simply realizing that I was dreaming.
Do a reality check

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