first lucid dream in a while

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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first lucid dream in a while

Postby AndrewFT » 07 Jul 2013 20:28

well, i am a first time world of lucid dreaming forum user and I've been into lucidity for a while... I have had a lucid dream before but it's been a while since.

July 7th,

:keep In mind I'm a teenager, I'm 17:

Before I entered lucidity in my mind i kept saying "i am in control of my dreams, i will have a lucid dream". I'm not sure if that triggered it, but It went like this... I was at this girls house, this girl is extremely hot (i know her from school) , we were laying down on the couch of her living room watching movies, making out. All is well until her sister shows up, I wasn't sure if i already messed up and turned it into a nightmare but her sister was possessed. She was normal then but i knew that something possessed her because the hot girl told me about her. Anyway, as the hot girl and I start to get a little intimate, i feel as if i am being stared at by someone. It turns out it was her sister that was starring at me with her wicked eyes, :shock:
i do not mind it and ignore it. Then the hot girl gets up to go get some marijuana from her room, as she said we will smoke inside the house because her mom doesn't care. (which i thought was weird but i didn't speak up because it is only a dream, right?) As she left the possessed girl comes over to me and sits on me, her legs wrapped around my waist and she said "why wont you fu** me instead?" and starts to make out with me. I can feel her legs tighten up and her grind on me, as her sister was about to come in, she flew off me (not literally but you know what i mean). Her sister came in with the substance and we start to smoke. In the middle of all this her mom comes out her room... This is where another weird thing happened... She came out the room and she looks like she just had sex, as she walks out to say hello to me, i see my big brother behind her. I said my hello and went back to what I'm doing and pretend i saw nothing. (In real life my big brother is married with a new born baby). As the parents leave, its the hot girl, the possessed sister and myself. The possessed girl then shows me a video on her laptop, she finds it hysterical (in a funny way), the video is sort of long, and i will sum it up for you. First it starts off as a normal video of a football fan in the nose bleed section of an arena. There is no sound, everyone there seems to be confused where they're at, the camera then focuses on the center of the field to which a man in a black coat with a hoodie on has his arms up toward the sky, then it starts to rain roughly. The rain sort of blurs the camera's vision but you can see people being thrown from one place to another breaking their necks and dying from a fall... She is laughing and I'm in awe. I say nothing and ignore it. This still feels real... Then the scene skips to later on at night, the possessed girl took her medication and fell asleep. (thank god lol) It was the hot girl and I awake, and she asked if i wanted to go upstairs to her room with her, I said sure and we both headed up. I'm walking to her room and it is large, i take a seat on her bed, and she closes the door and walks over to me, she then wraps her arms around me and then we had sex. I'm telling you guy's, it felt so real. I felt every single thing... She then falls asleep next to me, and I'm wide awake, I cant imagine sleeping in the same house that a possessed person lives in tbh. I'm watching the television and it's a normal tv sitcom, i can't identify which one but it's probably made up. However, while watching, the tv turns off, then turns on... It wasn't on the same program i was watching earlier, it was the possessed girl sitting down on a bench in a train station with people around her, it looked as if someone was recording it with a hand held camera. I then notice someone sitting next to her, it appeared to be my girlfriend in real life (i know its messed up for me to dream about having sex with another girl but i am a very faithful person in the real world). Anyway, i see her and notice her face is stuck, her head is really tilted to the side and her mouth is open wide and giving out a creepy smile, her eyes are dilated and huge, she then gasps for air, then both girls start screaming in latin... This is the end of my lucid dream because my nephew started to cry and woke me up... I wonder what all this means..

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Re: first lucid dream in a while

Postby Sim B » 10 Jul 2013 08:07

Are you sure you were lucid?

You didn't once imply anything about having control in the dream. Not that it is a bad thing, but maybe you were just having a very vivid regular dream, which happens sometimes. ;)

Things like "I realized I was dreaming when..." or "I tried to stabilize the dream" come to mind.

Interesting dream by the way. The result is pretty obvious though: Even though you have a girlfriend, you still have desire toward this girl from school. This is quite normal though, especially for a guy your age... and your girlfriend's reaction in the dream could be what your brain thought would happen if you went with those desires and actually slept with the girl from your school.

Anyway, my question still stands: are you sure it was a lucid dream? :P
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