Biphasic Sleep Experiment

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Biphasic Sleep Experiment

Postby Arcadian » 30 Mar 2012 03:55

I've been researching biphasic sleep (4.5 hours of sleep at night, 1.5 hour nap in afternoon). I've read good things about it from those who are adjusted to it.
It seems to be a legit way of getting more hours out of your day without cutting sleep the body needs. Since we sleep in 90-minute cycles, the last cycle is just saved for the afternoon nap, while the "core" 4.5 hours is untouched.

So how does this relate to lucid dreaming? I also read that biphasic sleepers recall more dreams, and I personally think it will be a great way to practice the WILD technique during that 90-minute nap.

I'm going to post a summary here every week of my experience. If anyone wants to try this with me, feel free to post your experience as well.

OR, if you have done this already, are a biphasic sleeper, or know anything about biphasic sleeping, please share your knowledge! I searched Rebecca's site and the forums and nothing has been posted on biphasic sleeping yet.
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Re: Biphasic Sleep Experiment

Postby Peter » 30 Mar 2012 04:50

I am bi-phasic due to lifestye and not science if that makes sense. I sleep when I am tired and will often take a nap in the afternoon for as long as I need and have had a lot of OBE during sleep onset at these times. I also wake up everynight after around 3 to 5 hours, stay up for a bit and then go back to sleep. I do get dreams, vivid dreams and LD in all of these time slots but most in the second part of the night or more correctly early morning.

One bit of advice is to give yourself time to ajust and if you are tired dont attempt anything that requries attention. Its not worth an arugment or getting knocked over by a bus cause you are tired and trying to dream

Interested to follow this one so keep us informed
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Re: Biphasic Sleep Experiment

Postby Beethoven » 14 Jun 2012 09:40

I used to start work very early so I used to sleep in the afternoons. I rarely became lucid in the daytime but most of my ld's happened within the first 2 hours of going to bed at night. Sometimes it was less than an hour! This was many years ago. I'm not working at the moment and can't get lucid to save my life!

I surprised a lot of people when I told them about my early night successes cos they didn't get lucid till they'd been in bed for about 6 hours.

So I'm guessing it must've had something to do with the 2-3 hours sleep I had in the afternoon???

Now here's a few weird things that I only know of for definite cos I was into it for such a long time.

1) I never became lucid when I wasn't working. My day off etc. Even if I did sleep in the daytime!

2) 99% of my ld's happened on Monday's, Wednesday's, Friday's & Saturday's, even though pretty much every night I did the same thing. If I went to the pub on a Tuesday it would make perfect sense, but nothing whatsoever worked on that night, and Sunday was even worse!!!

3) The later I went to bed, the more success I had. The first night this became apparent was a great ld after no longer than 45 minutes! This is what happened...

I used to write really lengthy emails and have chats that would go on for hours with a friend called Michelle in Oregon. One night I was writing an email and didn't finish it till 11.30pm. I remember feeling a bit frustrated cos I'd got it into my head that in order to ld I'd have to be in bed much earlier cos of having to get up early. As soon as I shut my eyes the hypnagogic imagery was really strong and I kinda knew that something magical was gonna happen. I don't know what happened next but at 12.15am I woke up with the excitement of having a great lucid dream. So early as well.

So, it does seem as though afternoon's sleep can contribute a lot to the ecstasy of lucid dreaming!!!


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