Am I having predictions of the future !!!???

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Am I having predictions of the future !!!???

Postby Fatima-Ezzahra » 12 Jul 2013 01:21

Hi everybody !

Well, I'm a newbie and this is my first post :)
I'm a big dreamer, i mean i'm always dreaming and i like that, but sometimes i have those dreams that makes me wonder are they some kind of prediction of the future or is it just my unconscious mind ?
I'm living in a rent house with 2 girls near my university, and i have a close friend who's renting another house near me but we're not living together, anyway, there is that boy in my university that i realy like but i haven't ever spoke to him but i know that he noticed me ... there is that girl that sometimes i found her with him they look so close but i don't know if they are in some kind of relashionship, but eachtime i see her i don't like her i feel like she does the same. He has a friend a bit like a jerk ...
I had that dream where I was living in a apparetement with my close friend (she knows about him) and he was our neighbor and I was fed up with the hide & seek so i told her " I'm gonna go to him and tell him that I like him, i can't wait any longer" so I went to him and he oppened the door and i was so furious :? and said something (I can't remember what I've said), then he smiled and was surprised but looked happy and by the look he gave me it didn't look like he liked me as a woman but looked like he found me cute and adorable as if he saw a wild cat. the weird thing is that he was playing with my feet while i was trying to escape :!: because i was nervous. And the weirdest is that girl that i tought she doesn't like me, she was telling him good things about me and so did his friend !!!!!!
I know that this is just a dream, but how can I dream of someone i've never talked to I don't even know if he knows me and it's not the first time i'm dreaming of him ... please can anyone tell what is this all about and what can i presume from it cause i've read somewhere this and made think of asking for help "You certainly can predict the future thanks to calculations, because everything in nature has to be prepared before actually happening. The unconscious mind calculates everything and sends you the results of its estimations. This is how you’ll be able to predict the future of your relationship or predict how his or her reaction will be on certain occasions, preparing your plans according to what will help you attain the results you desire, only by interpreting the meaning of your dreams!"
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Re: Am I having prediction of the future !!!

Postby Je-Je » 12 Jul 2013 12:42

Maybe your subconscious try to help you. Maybe the boy love you, and your subconscious try to tell by a dream. Maybe the girl with who he is close is just his sister or a friend.

Just talk to your sub like a person; tell your sub; Sould i talk to him, or does he love me?? And you will see the result. Good luck.
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Re: Am I having predictions of the future !!!???

Postby Fatima-Ezzahra » 12 Jul 2013 13:48

Thank you, and i hope you're right :)
But I can't promise that i can go and talk him right now, i need to gather my courage like i did in my dream :D But, i don't think my dreams are that simple, a friend told me before that sometimes our dreams may tell us the truth hiding in reality ... She said: "the fact that he didn't like you as a woman may turns out to be a good thing, because most of guys are drived to us just by their Instinct, but when it comes to cutness and sweetness they grow feelings of care and love toward us ..."

I just Hope you guys are right, I realy hope if my dreams were the real thing :)

rami elhaibe
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Postby rami elhaibe » 12 Jul 2013 19:28

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Re: Am I having predictions of the future !!!???

Postby HAGART » 14 Jul 2013 01:48

Our dreams can often be a trial run for what we want to do in the future.
And attraction in my opinion occurs within a nano-second subconsciously... it's 'chemistry' as some call it.
And dreams of course tap into that subconscious wisdom. So maybe your dream is telling you something.

You know when you look at someone and they hold their glance for just the slightest moment longer than usual? Nobody else can see it, but you just know. Although logically, you can come up with many reasons why, our subconscious knows more about love than we do at times.

With that said, I don't know if it is a true prediction and the future is what you make. To be honest sometimes a dream could be wishful thinking. But I wish you well! And good luck!
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Re: Am I having predictions of the future !!!???

Postby Fatima-Ezzahra » 14 Jul 2013 13:12

I thought i was the only one who felt that chemistry, so as you said I end up by coming with logical justifications ... But to tell the truth as all of you said, my dreams may be trying to tell me something but the sure thing is no one can know the future, but we can feel it. So, I'll take that dream as a good thing and let the destiny do its job :D

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Re: Am I having predictions of the future !!!???

Postby ilovetodream » 16 Jul 2013 15:05

See I think that we can tell the future though dreams. I am a newbie asking about this.. but I remember back in 7th grade in the early 90s, I had a vivid dream.. from the conversations, to the clothes people we wearing, to what happened that day..

happened from my dream came to reality.. that was my first one and I have had many since. I would write them down in my 'dream journal' and some of the things I did dream about did come true.

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