Strange reoccouring dream twice in one day

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Strange reoccouring dream twice in one day

Postby awaisagha » 12 Jul 2013 02:16

i was trying to find something to get interpretation of my dreams,i didn't have knowledge that such forums also exist and then i came across this forum.i am really thankful for this.

well what i was thinking to write (about my dream) is something a long story which i also certainly want to write but recently somethings happened which made me much scared and i thought to write about it first and put the previous one for a later end.

2nights ago,i was going to sleep,it was almost around 4am,i was watching a film "Cloud Atlas" and i remember my brain was like a fried egg in a frying pan.i am not too much into those kind of mystery and fantasy was just that i saw the rating and thought to see it.
Anyhow, I was lying in my room and it was all dark. i was trying to calm my brain (after the film) and then all of sudden I felt a sharp smell of sulfur (I was awake and in my full senses). Just because of reading stuff and films I had something in mind that this is related to demons. I am a Muslim, therefore I just recited some Quran verses and slept after that.
I was inside a dream; it was kind of an old abandoned house for which I was going to take on rent as I needed some place to live. Well I don’t recall why I needed house on rent, and what I was doing as pretext. Anyhow the home was quite well except that it had spider webs around and dusted floors. Then the owner of the house was showing me the back yard of home (here I recall I had a friend of mine with me but I don’t recall whether I had that friend in viewing the home from front part). We came in back yard, there was also a door that was an opening into home, besides that door, there was stairs going downstairs into basement.
Now let me explain this part in details to you.
The floor of that small back yard portion was covered with thick dust, a kind of dust which is not going to be easily blown away. That dust you can only see if the home is closed for like you say 10-15 years. The thick and fibered kind of dust floor. Surprisingly the wooden railing that was besides the stairs which was going downstairs to basement was not that much dusty and I could see the paint of wood. I was wondering even if the home is closed for so much time, why there haven’t been termites to eat wood. Its paint was looking very fresh or perhaps if old, not more than 2-3 months old. The door to the home was a little behind, as this was a small room which had stairs and door and empty elsewhere. I remember my friend was standing by the railing and owner was explain that this home is closed but he will get it clean once we decide to take it.
My friend was standing still and watching to one side inside that room, that was a small place 2 steps above, like someone thought to make some room, but then left the idea. My friend asked me to see there, and as soon I saw it, I don’t know what happened to me, I could feel a very heavy and intense demonic presence. I started moaning in sleep and then suddenly my eyes opened. I was scared as hell but within 2-3mins I was back to normal (this has happened to me before, which I explained earlier that I left that thing because of this later event.) therefore I didn’t panic much when I woke up.
I tried to get my mind away of it, and soon I got success as I got myself busy in working things.
I was then again going to take nap in afternoon as I was tired and I laid and slept. I entered the same dream again, but this time with little differences. I was straight to the backyard of the home but just before I enter that small room having stairs and door to home I felt something strange. I recalled that this thing has happened to me before and I have felt demonic presence in there. (remember I was in dream but I recalled that this has happened to me before). Therefore I didn’t enter the home and kept wandering around the backyard and then my eyes opened.

So far this is it and this has freaked me out enough. Repetition of my dream, just within one day occurring to me twice is beyond my mind.
I don’t know whether I have explained everything clearly or this indicated something or not, but if you ask me for more elaboration I can go into those details. I know you might need the pretext of me etc. but so far what I felt was to tell you was this and I wrote it. Please tell me whats this?.

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