Drop a line here to introduce yourself! Let us know your background, where you're from in the world, your lucid goals.
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I chose the username, Hagart, after a lucid dream I had just before I joined this site back in January 2012. I met a weird character in my dream and asked what it's name was. It replied, HAGART. I won't write it here, but if interested, the story about that is my first post and you can always find it if you click on my name, 'search user's posts', and then go to the very last page to see my first introduction.

I had the occasional lucid dream every now and then for many years and they started becoming more and more frequent over time. It started only a few times a year at most, then once a month, now it at least once a week. I never thought much of it back then, and never recorded them in a dream journal.

The turning point for me, was almost exactly 2 years ago (July 2011). I had a lucid dream, it faded and ended, but I didn't want to wake up so I kept my eyes closed and wanted to continue dreaming. After allowing many images to flash before my eyes, I suddenly snapped back into a lucid dream again and I was in the same city-scape as the previous dream. I never knew I could even do that?! The following morning I tried to find answers and learned a new word: Hypnogogia. Not only that, but it was the first time I started to question the people in the dream to see if they knew it was a dream or not, or if they even knew who Michael was! (They said they knew, but when I asked where Michael is, they didn't point at me. They pointed at the sky!)

So that's when I became very curious and interested. I became more than a passive dreamer, and became an amateur onironaut for the fun of it (dream explorer/studier). I started keeping a dream journal and took dreaming more seriously. And I've learned a lot since then, not just from this site, and talking to other fellow dreamers, but even from my own lucid dreams. Don't forget, they can teach you a lot too.

Sometimes people ask me what method I use. The only thing I do is Wake Back to Bed. It has become a normal sleep habit for me now, and it works well. I try other methods, but I always fall asleep, or frustratingly stay awake. I just place a blank piece of paper and a pencil beside my bed and wonder what it will be filled with after I wake up. Apart from some loose intent and a gentle reminder that the next thing I see/do is probably going to be a dream, I just fall asleep and see where it takes me. I am not the type of lucid dreamer who can do it at will or with complete control... yet. You can't learn it over night. (Well, technically it happens over night.... but not in ONE night!)

There is always room to grow as a lucid dreamer and there are many more lucid dream goals constantly on the horizon. I DON'T THINK I WILL EVER GET BORED OF THIS!

That would be like becoming bored of yourself!
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