Back from a break

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Back from a break

Postby Vaellian » 15 Jul 2013 02:58

Hello guys. i havn't posted in a while. i had nearly lost all Motivation and desire to lucid dream. but i would still think about it. i guess i started thinking it wasn't worth the minimal effort

Anyways. I feel like i'm starting to get back some motivation to do it. although my schedule is tight so i really can't write my dreams down like i want to... atleast in the mornings. i try to remember them through the day so i can type what tid-bits i can onto my computer.

If anyone can give some motivational advice that would be splendid. i had bought the E-book (still nothing) and stuff which probably led to most of my demotivation. and got some kava-kava and Caelea Z or whatsit i havn't taken any yet.

Also some advice on continuing on with a Wild.

alot of times at night i will be going to sleep and if i will get like... a mini-dream... i'm not so much sleeping. or i might be. but anyways it's more of a very vivid Day dream than it is a dream dream... in my minds eye? like a projection on the back of my eyelids more than 3-d. and i know whats going on. alot of times if something goes wrong or not the way i like it. i'm still awake enough to know.. "wait this is my imagination and repeat it the right way... but its a dream in the sense that its... well... a dream... it continues on by its own without my influence... but if i wanted to i can change anything and everything about it at will as long as i realize that its a dream

Enough rambling onto the main problem... because this is a mini-dream. i "wake up" with sleep paralysis and my ears are ringing extremely loud. now... i get nervous... not because i feel like someone is watching me like a demon or that i can't breathe. i get more afraid of falling into my dream and feeling my consciousness swap from reality to Dream. like the Actual feeling. the physical... or in this case i guess. mental feeling of that. i hate.. weird feelings. any advice on getting around this?

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Re: Back from a break

Postby Je-Je » 15 Jul 2013 08:20

I have something maybe which can motivate you. Try to dream in daytime, you will see that your dream are more vivid and you are more conscious. And you will remember the dream with great details.

Me i dream everytime i want. I dont need reality check to know that im dreaming, cuz im conscious where i leave my physical body, sometime its doesnt work.

Hope it motivate you
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Re: Back from a break

Postby Oneirophile » 15 Jul 2013 21:29

Vaelian, I hope this helps:

You'll get there. Everyone does – except those who give up. Remember how hard riding a bike was?

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