what to do with such a dream sign?

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what to do with such a dream sign?

Postby neverlandjulia » 17 Jul 2013 12:38

Hi, I've got a problem. Recently I tend to dream a lot of the same things and locations but the problem about is that in real life I NEVER see these people and I am NEVER in these places. So I don't have the option to do a RC when I come across my dream sign. What do I do in such situation?

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Re: what to do with such a dream sign?

Postby LucidLink » 17 Jul 2013 18:14

You need to build awareness! Lets for a second, pretend there is no difference between dreams and reality. Boom! Now you can do a RC anytime your at those strange places, you just need the awareness to realize your in a strange place. Which means you must focus on where you are, and how you got there all day!

Also, perform spontaneous RCs Every half hour or so, that way you start doing RCs no matter what, and you will eventually do RCs all the time in your dreams as well!!

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