Choline and G induced lucid dreams. Serious issue!

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Choline and G induced lucid dreams. Serious issue!

Postby LucidLink » 17 Jul 2013 18:00

Hi everybody, so I take different supplements from time to time to have lucid dreams, but lately I've found out something quite annoying.

Literally every time I take choline and the G, I have 3 lucid dreams or more. Sounds awesome right? Not. I can barely move or talk!!! The first lucid dream is always the worst too, I can't speak above a whisper, and I can barely move. I violently shake like I've consumed too much alchohol, and as I'm shaking and holdings myself together I can barely walk. Intill eventually after maybe a minute of these awful conditions the dream just fades and I wake up against my will.

Which basically means I can accomplish nothing at all!!! And I have no idea what to do:/

Believe me, I've tried increasing lucidity. But I'm 100 percent lucid already, complete awareness of myself, my memories, my bed, and the things I wanna accomplish.

I've tried controlling the dream, telling it that I controll this dream and if I want I can talk and walk normal, but that dosnt work.

I also have been having worse dream recall and less non lucid and less natural lucid dreams. So I look to the supplements as a nice treat that can Gurantee lucid dreams when I really wanna have them, but it sucks when the lucid dreams I have are useless!!!!!!!!!

I wake up so frustrated. And as far as I know NO ONE else has these problems:( I don't get it!!!!

Why can't I just be free to roam my dreams like life? (Which I can sometimes, just not when it's supplement induced!)

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Re: Choline and G induced lucid dreams. Serious issue!

Postby Peter » 17 Jul 2013 20:50

Relax and dont fight the dream, to do this just allow anything and everything to roll and flow and just observe and this blockage should just melt away.
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Re: Choline and G induced lucid dreams. Serious issue!

Postby Ender_brine » 04 Aug 2013 14:29

What's "the G?"

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