Share the conversation starters you use with your DCs

What have you learned from your dream characters? What do they say, what do they represent, what motivates them, why do they exist?
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Re: Share the conversation starters you use with your DCs

Postby ESPer » 06 Sep 2013 02:08

I said: "Do you think [b]I[/b] am a dream character?"

She said: "Yes."

I was asking because at the time (this was back in February), I was starting to consider the idea that I, myself, in the dream is a DC too in a way when you think about it.[/quote]

Yeah, I can actually understand how this could be the case in the abstract. That the dreams are that of the universe itself, giving us glimpses of other things that exist out there. And showing us what we can truly be capable of when separated of the loads of our physical bodies, and/or evolving a bit.

And as they are dreams of the universe itself it could consist of the thoughts/memories of every sentient being in the universe combined. Heck... even multiverse, as consciousness could be the one thing capable of transcending and crossing over even the boundaries of the universe. A stretch there... I know. And that is why anything is possible there. It's just that our own memories are the most fresh in our minds, so we have to concentrate to break our "laws"... like to fly or whatnot. And we're more prone to seeing projections of people we've met in our lifetimes. But versions of some alternate timeline, which is why two people normally couldn't share the dream. It'd be like a cosmic powerball for versions of the same reality to share the same dream.

I know this is some far out there stuff... please forgive me and take it with a grain of salt. But once my mind gets going with outside the box material is doesn't tend to stop.
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Re: Share the conversation starters you use with your DCs

Postby Go left » 06 Jan 2015 07:24

"Sometimes I even flat out tell them that when I wake up they will no longer exist. I had this one girl I'd fallen in love with in a dream cry because of this." - ESPer

Amazing dreams in this forum

I had a similar experience. A little different though. I was lucid and flying around and find a group of people on a hill, all of them in black and white apart from two or three in colour. A girl in colour asks me to help her, she explains that she can't lucid dream and needs me to find her in the real world to teach her how. She gives me a website and a password to remember to find her. I wake up and try to search the website but I keep typing 0's and 1's and realise I am still dreaming. When I did wake up I couldn't get over how real she seemed and even though I know she's not. It makes me wonder if some things in dreams do come from outside ourselves or perhaps just a deeper part of ourselves which we still perceive as separate.

I do admit I did try the website awake haha, no dice
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