Returning to a Lucid dream

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Returning to a Lucid dream

Postby Lucidbassist » 21 Jul 2013 12:54


I just had my second lucid, however was pretty short, I felt the dream slowly slip away so I started spinning, and I could feel the dream stabilizing, I was hanging on by a thread, and then someone in my house sneezed and I woke up instantly..

I guess the reason a dream becomes so vivid is because you are so close to waking up, and the closer you are to waking up the more active the mind becomes. I was awoken from my first lucid by someone in the house too, so unlucky! I put ear plugs in and resumed sleep, I was able to have another dream, but no lucid.

Are there techniques/ways to re-enter the dream you just awoke from, in my situation?

Best regards.

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Re: Returning to a Lucid dream

Postby torakrubik » 21 Jul 2013 21:58

The best technique for you here would be DEILD. This article will provide all the information you'll need:
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Re: Returning to a Lucid dream

Postby Lucidbassist » 22 Jul 2013 09:25

Nice one Torakrubik, just what I was looking for. Ill give it a go next time.

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Re: Returning to a Lucid dream

Postby Ryan » 03 Aug 2013 03:04

That's an article I wrote a while back on the subject. I had discovered this method entirely by accident, but it works like a charm every single time I begin to sense myself waking up.

Basically, as I state in the article, as you feel yourself waking up... keep your eyes closed and your body perfectly still. Don't open your eyes at any point during the waking up process and certainly don't move a muscle. Stay in the blackness you see... and after a few seconds of this (yup, only seconds... 10 at the most), you'll find yourself shifting back into the non-physical, usually right where you left off. :)

I've used this method to have upwards of 6 continuous projections in a row.
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Re: Returning to a Lucid dream

Postby HAGART » 03 Aug 2013 03:33

I agree with Ryan. I sorta figured it out for myself too. Just relax your mind and body and see what happens. It can become a false awakening and if lucid it is just like what others call an OBE. And a lot of my dreams, in the final moments during the process of waking up, become lucid for about 5 seconds or so. Waking up is not a spontaneous thing that happens in a split second, but is more of a process that takes some time, and if you are in the right frame of mind, you can enter a lucid dream again.
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Re: Returning to a Lucid dream

Postby AceOfSpades » 03 Aug 2013 03:39

Hagart's right. But you also have to test yourself as well. Feel how long you are in the lucid world, in comparison to how long you been sleeping in the real world and see if you can stay longer each time.

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