Breaking A Dryspell/How To Prevent One

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Breaking A Dryspell/How To Prevent One

Postby DreamerMan99 » 26 Jul 2013 17:04

For at least 2 weeks ive had a complete dreaming dryspell - No dreams, no lucids, no nothing. I was ready to give up when last night I had a lucid dream. Yup! Thats right. It wasnt the clearest and i nearly forgot, but i remembered. My tips on breaking a dryspell would be not to be negative. Another would be try hard, but dont try super hard, because if you fail it feels worse. Another would to be self-confident. Dont put your confidence into the methods! Put it into YOU! If anything about LDing is a hassel to you or you don't enjoy it, don't do it! And lastly, don't stop your LD related habits. If you do, you have to start entirely over again.

I used to be able to remember at least 4 - 6 dreams a night... I have probably 100 dreams just from 1 month. Although, the problem arose when I stopped journalling. I got TOO confident in myself, and just stopped. It stayed at this point, where i would remember them, but not remember them long termly. After about a week, i didnt remember anything but fragments. I got too lazy. Dont get lazy! Then, I just stopped all the other things, too. Waking up earlier, falling asleep before 1, ect. I started stating up till 4 and sleeping till 12. I would wake up at 11 and be at this Twilight stage where I would remember some things and forget a lot then fully wake up at 12.

So yeah, here it is! :P
If you have any questions/suggestions, post em.

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Re: Breaking A Dryspell/How To Prevent One

Postby HAGART » 29 Jul 2013 08:51

Lucid dreaming isn't something you learn it's something you practice.
And it's something we all must do alone on our own. Nobody else is there to help you. Only YOU!
And having expectations always leads to disappointment, so keep them to a minimum.
If we all lucid dreamed this world would be a better place.

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