Why we know stuff out of nowhere?

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Why we know stuff out of nowhere?

Postby Highlander » 29 Jul 2013 10:26

Why is it that when we are in a dream we know for sure what to do even if no one told us or it never happened before? I'll explain:
In today's dream i was on the street going to the place where an old colleague of mine was having a birthday party. Why did this came to my mind? I say this because this colleague of mine was not a person that i knew very well and she left work some years ago.
Other situation: once i dreamt i was on a different country and saw a woman that i knew to be my wife. Why did i know this? I'm not married. I don't even have a girlfriend.

Sometimes i'm in a dream and i know exactly what to do or take the current situations as normal, even if it never happened in real life.
Does this happen to you? Why we know this stuff out of nowhere? It looks like this "stories" were planted on our minds when we sleep.

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Re: Why we know stuff out of nowhere?

Postby torakrubik » 29 Jul 2013 12:09

This is what I call 'Dream Intuition'. I believe it may be a sixth sense that we have in dreams, and the funny thing is we don't think much of it at the time - logically it seems ridiculous that we could simply know things with no explanation or background.
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Re: Why we know stuff out of nowhere?

Postby LucidLink » 29 Jul 2013 16:54

I think it's because we as humans feel the serious need to rationalize EVERYTHING.

This habit is so deeply rooted in us, it's become second nature.

Because the habit has become so second nature to us, we now rationalize without even knowing it! We see this in dreams, and it is also the reason we have so much darn trouble going lucid!!

For instance highlander, there was no rational reason for you to be on that street, or across the country with a strange female, so what's your brain solution to this?

Make up a rational answer! So that random woman your with MUST be your wife....that's the only rational answer!!

So it's our instinct to rationalize and assume that causes this. It's funny, because this isn't actually a form of intuition....it's more like we make up a explanation for why we are here, and then because we are dreaming, whatever reason we make up becomes the actual reason.

It's actually a problem, because one, it keeps is from going lucid even when pigs are flying past us while we are drinking tea with dead celebrities.

And two, because this isn't a sleeping life problem, it's a waking life problem that has affected our dream life. Think of all the incorrect "intuitive" assumptions we make in life, it's the same for dreams.

If we see a baby with a woman, we rationalize and assume that the baby belongs to a woman without even having to think about it, but is this actually the case? It might not be, but as far as we know, it is! So this happens in a dream, you see a woman and her baby, you get that "knowing out of no where" that the baby belongs to her, and it does.
Because it's a dream and what you believe and expect comes true, but lets say the same things happens in life.

You see a baby and a woman, you "intuitively" or "out of no where" think the baby is hers, then you actually find out she is just babysitting.

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Re: Why we know stuff out of nowhere?

Postby Highlander » 29 Jul 2013 17:35

Thanks. Very interesting stuff you said.
I've been thinking and (forgive me about the strange comparison) i guess our subconscious works kinda like an improv show. Like improv shows, our mind is asking for scenarios and tasks, picking up little pieces we have in our minds. For example:
My mind-"Give me a scenario. The desert? In the afternoon? Ok. Give me a personna. A fisherman? Ok. This guy will be a fisherman. Now give me a situation for this guy to do in the dream. He has to find a stone with a sword carved on it and he has to pick up the sword to be a king? Ok. Let's do this."

My mind then plants this on the dream and i will know what to do. And this was all bits of my life:
My first drawing on my Commodore Amiga computer back in the 80's was a desert. I have a shirt that kinda makes look like a fisherman. A 3D animation i did some years ago was about a guy who lifted a sword carved in stone.

Does this make sense?

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Re: Why we know stuff out of nowhere?

Postby ESPer » 29 Jul 2013 18:05

[quote="Highlander"] It looks like this "stories" were planted on our minds when we sleep.[/quote]

It seems that way sometimes, doesn't it? Like we are walk-in's to someone elses consciousness. I have a different take, but it would probably draw crooked glances from a lot of people. Oh well... I'll just say it anyway. All consciousness, at it's root/source level, is intertwined at some point. There's a nexus that interconnects it all. And we become closer to that source when we're "asleep" (I believe we're actually more awake than we are now), and especially when we're in astral planes. Also during meditation. We even have ever so brief moments of it here. It's called deja vu. It's almost like a ripple effect, or glitch. No system is perfect, there's some variable or remainder left over. Deja vu then would be like a moment where realities/dimension/planes/states of consciousness (I could make a million names for it) overlap, and we're in that seam where they do.

Yeah I know... some far out stuff.
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